We love fashion! And that's why we want to share our passion for fashion, trends and, above all, shoes with you. We design collections that tell stories and products that you love for a lifetime. Immerse yourself in our world and be inspired by our stories about sustainability, fashion and, above all, the love for our shoes!


What tastes more like summer than a coffee chilled with ice. We share with you our two favorite summer recipes for coffee lovers. Tiramisu and a pimped iced coffee - two delicious desserts that bring out the flavor of coffee in different ways.


In a world where moms are our tireless listeners, creative architects of our childhood dreams and biggest supporters, their care actually deserves far more than just one day a year. Nevertheless, there is hardly a better time of year to say thank you to the best moms than Mother‘s Day.


Upcycling a pair of jeans into a new product can be a creative and sustainable way to breathe new life into old clothing. Here's a simple guide on how to turn a pair of jeans into a stylish upcycled product - a small keychain.


Even small, simple things can help you lead a healthier and more balanced life every day. Here are our detox tips for a healthy start to spring.


A city trip to Barcelona promises a unique blend of historical charm, modern art, culinary delights and Mediterranean flair. The Catalan capital impresses with its diverse architecture, vibrant streets, relaxed beaches and lively culture.


Under the motto „ZAC - The new Trail Runner“ we had the pleasure to invite to our blogger event in Vienna. The goal was to show our guests how versatile our Trail Runner can be combined. Whether for sports activities or also for evenings.


What goes better with the cozy late summer days than a city brunch followed by a shopping trip? Our store managers reveal their personal favorite addresses for a brunch near a Högl store.


In the hectic and fast-paced world we live in, it is important to consciously shift down a gear every now and then and give our lives room to decelerate. Find here some tips and slow down your life.


To introduce the benefit concert „Opera Gala & Marco Tamayo“, an exclusive fashion show took place in the National Theater in Zagreb, which benefited the reconstruction of the Croatian Music Institute after the earthquake of 2020.


The picturesque ambience of the exclusive Ortner's Resort in Bad Füssing provided an idyllic backdrop for our summer photo shoot. Our summer models were especially beautifully staged in the relaxed spa area and the well-tended garden.

10 years of Högl in Zagreb

Ten years ago, the exclusive Högl store in Zagreb opened its doors to all Croatian women who value high quality, comfortable shoes.

Colourful and shiny
summer parties

This summer's events are sure to be one thing - colourful and brilliant! There are no limits to the play of colours this summer.


Mother‘s Day is an occasion to honour the unconditional love and devotion our mothers give us every day. We asked our colleagues what they appreciate most about their mothers and how they say thank you.


Be inspired by our store managers' favorite simple but delicious recipes and enjoy the festive season with homemade treats.  Why not try out a recipe from our store managers this Christmas? Högl wishes you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

DIY Easter Decorations

The Easter holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to get in the mood for spring and decorate your house with branches, flowers and Easter eggs. 

Sweet and homemade - Easter lamb

The Easter lamb is a traditional Easter treat and the perfect sweet side dish for Easter brunch or afternoon coffee with friends or family.


A conversation with the Högl design team about the current collection and a new set of values.

Winterfeeling in Innsbruck

Under the theme Aprés Ski we invited to an exclusive blogger event in beautiful Innsbruck. An event under the sign of winter.

Trends Spring/Summer 2023

Spring and summer 2023 are just around the corner and the fashion world is getting ready for a new season full of trends and new styles.

We did it!

Together with your help and the Jane Goodall Institute Austria, we can plant 1500 trees in Uganda.

Easter brunch sweet and savory:
3 beautiful ideas to feast and enjoy

The relaxing time of Easter offers the perfect opportunity for a lavish brunch with family or friends. We have a few suggestions here that are not only delicious, but also simple and beautiful to look at. 

It’s detox time – a “spring clean” for your body

Regardless of whether it’s Lent, many people use this time of year to do something good for their body. They detox, which means deliberately eliminating something from their life to rid their body of toxins.

Get that Christmas market feeling at home

We’ve put some ideas together for you to show how a few simple recipes can conjure up that Christmas feeling in no time at all.

She’s a Lady Designcontest – Winner Arta

The winner of the She's a Lady design contest, Arta Seile from Latvia, visited the headquarter in Taufkirchen.

Focus on a strong and authentic woman: an interview with Laetitia Blume

Laetitia Blume, aka missmondo, has featured regularly on Högl’s online channels in recent years. We love her style and are always delighted when we get the opportunity to work with her. She spoke to us about her personal power style, her role as a mother and her views on authentic influencer marketing.

Here’s our tip for sunny November days: small but satisfying trips out

It’s now late autumn – many people’s favourite time of year. Mild temperatures, colourful leaves on the trees and the low-lying sun are just what’s needed right now to tempt us out for some exercise in the fresh air. We’ve got some ideas for mini adventures you could have on those fine autumn afternoons, as well as what best to wear on your feet so that you can enjoy plenty of time with your loved ones.


We are constantly on the search for innovative materials and take a close look - how resource-friendly is the production process, what happens when a shoe has used up its lifetime? That's why we use ECONYL, one of the most sustainable fibres currently used in the textile industry. Because environmental awareness begins with the selection of the right materials.

Healthy snacks for homeoffice

Discipline and healthy eating is no longer easy for many in the daily routine at home, which is why we have collected a few healthy and vegan snack alternatives for you that are easy to implement and provide you with sufficient energy again.

Go slow for fashion

In a world that is spinning faster and faster, we hardly find any moments of relaxation and the fashion industry is also becoming increasingly fast-paced. The Slow Fashion movement is committed to bringing people back closer to where their products come from and what their consumption behaviour triggers in the world.

A picnic with vision


An event dedicated to nature, our HÖGLVISION picnics took place against picturesque backdrops, with stunning views from the top of Vyšehrad in Prague and the Kőhegy Budaörs in Budapest.

Hand-picked: our favourite designs from the Fall/Winter 2021 collection

Here are the Högl team’s personal highlights for this season.

Longing for Nature

A virtual trip to the Zagreb Forest Park – you can now enjoy our current S/S 2021 collection as a digital fashion show. Inspired by a love of nature, and working in collaboration with three Croatian designers, we’re presenting our shoes in a fairytale outdoor location.

Spring treat for the taste buds

Our Social Media Manager reveals her recipe for wild garlic risotto with roasted tomatoes.

Leisure trend urban gardening

Urban gardening is helping nature return to the city. We’d like to share our best tips and tricks with you for transforming your city balcony into a feel-good oasis, while also doing the environment a favour.

Slow down your wardrobe

Slow fashion trend: 5 tips for making your wardrobe more sustainable.

The Högl Spirit of Nature

An interview with our design team about our current collection.

Current crush: our favourite designs from the current collection

The Högl team’s personal wish-list for the coming Spring/Summer season.

You skipped a bag and we can plant 128 trees

For every shopping bag you did without last year, we donated to the Jane Goodall Institute-Austria. Thanks to your support, we are able to plant 128 trees for the reforestation project in Uganda.