Slingbacks are essentials everyday, business or evening wear companions.
Abstract heels are a perfect match for plain basic outfits.


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Slingback court shoes – women's footwear with feminine finesse for in between the seasons

Slingback court shoes are often also simply referred to as "slingbacks". They are a mix between sandals and court shoes, always open at the heels. Some designs also leave the toes exposed; they are called peep-toes. Over 80 years ago, slingback court shoes for women revolutionised the footwear as well as the tights and stocking market. The exposed-heel shoes were immediately a resounding success. However, back then it was unthinkable for women to wear sandals barelegged. Tights and stockings were usually reinforced at the toes and heels. With this challenge in mind, new tights and stockings were developed especially for slingbacks. In 1959, Coco Chanel created another milestone in the history of footwear fashion with her legendary two-tone slingback court shoes. With their two-tone design, the beige and black strappy slingback court shoes freed women from the strict conventions of elegance. Until then, shoes always had to be one colour only whose shade had to be carefully matched to the rest of the outfit. Famous film stars such as Romy Schneider and Brigitte Bardot were fans of the new Cinderella shoes and inspired women everywhere to "open up". Since then, slingback court shoes have become firmly established in the fashion world. In between the seasons and in the summer months, a pair of strappy slingback court shoes adds emphasis to feminine elegance. Slingbacks come in a wide range of different designs, from flat slingback ballerinas to high heeled slingback court shoes. However, today's unequivocal fashion rule is: an elegant woman never wears tights or stockings with slingback court shoes. 

Elegant slingback court shoes for women from the quality brand Högl

Each spring/summer collection by the long-established manufacturer Högl not only features classic slingback court shoes but also new designs that are just waiting to be discovered. Fashionable trends are as much the inspiration for the new slingback court shoe designs as making them even more comfortable to wear. This always results in feminine slingbacks that are the ultimate embodiment of the art of shoemaking. Besides their trendy design, Högl's strappy slingback court shoes are above all characterised by a perfect fit, the quality of the leather used and the fact that they are extremely comfortable to wear. Högl's shoe design and manufacturing history spans more than 80 years. Women everywhere appreciate this expertise, which each pair of Högl shoes reflects. One extremely important aspect of slingback court shoes is the back strap. It must always feel comfortable, and must neither slide nor cut into the skin. A pair of strappy slingback court shoes does not deserve the Högl brand name until this is the case.

Trends in the world of women's shoes

Women particularly appreciate slingback court shoes in between the seasons. In the summer, they wear slingback court shoes to the office and to formal occasions as a summery alternative to revealing sandals. Where strappy slingback court shoes are concerned, the motto is also: whatever you fancy is trendy. The heel choice is wide: kitten heels, stiletto heels, wedge heels and platform heels. In terms of the materials, the Högl designers have opted for suede, smooth leather, fabrics, embossed leather and transparent mesh materials The glamorous sling pumps of the spring/summer 2024 collection are presented in modern neutrals, pastel shades and metallic looks. In addition to classic colours like cream and black, this season's styles inspire in summery lime and feminine red. However, are slingback court shoes actually trendy? Femininity is back en vogue, and a pair of strappy slingback court shoes is therefore extremely fashionable. All women who are concerned about etiquette should heed two important rules when it comes to stylish slingback court shoe combinations: although open at the heels, these shoes are definitely suitable office footwear. If the dress code states semi-formal after 6 p.m., elegant slingback court shoes in a muted colour are always a perfect choice. 

What to wear with women's slingback court shoes?

Slingback court shoes are ideal outfit partners as they always emphasise the elegance and femininity of the wearer. Women can cleverly utilise this effect when it comes to styling their outfit. Slingback court shoes are also a popular choice for brides. These women's shoes, which are open at the back, look particularly good worn with cropped trousers. The wide variety of skirt shapes simply cries out for a feminine design such as slingback court shoes. They look as good with a swinging A-line skirt as they do with a tight pencil skirt. In terms of colour, fashionistas like to go for contrast. For a business outfit, elegant women choose a pair of smart leather slingback court shoes in nude, brown, blue, black or two-tone. Two slingback court shoe styling tips from experts: The trousers or the skirt should leave the back strap exposed. According to the professionals, the more dainty the calves, the skinnier the heel of the slingback court shoes should be, and vice versa. This ensures that slingback court shoes always highlight the feminine charm of their wearer to the maximum.