“We take our future into our hands and set an example for conscious, long-lasting consumption. Quality rather than quantity is the measure of our actions.“

Responsible Production


As a founding member of CADS (Cooperation at DSI), we are committed to the prevention of hazardous substances and environmentally harmful or health-threatening chemicals. Regular quality checks and training measures at staff level guarantee a pollution-free and environmentally friendly production process.


A careful use of resources, combined with responsible waste management, has been part of our environmentally sound core strategy since the foundation of our family company. With the aim of reducing waste to a minimum, all raw material residues from the current production are collected and recycled. Transport packaging and cardboard boxes come from sustainable, FSC-certified forestry and are used several times.


With our production in the heart of Europe, we benefit from short transport routes and reduced CO2 emissions. At the same time, we are constantly investing in the use of energy-saving machines and renewable energies to make our production even more environmentally sound. At the main production site in Martfü, geothermal energy supplies the plants with green electricity.

Selected Materials

We are continuously searching for innovative, sustainable materials and invest in research and development to make our products even more environmentally friendly. When selecting our materials, we focus on highest quality and transparency. We use almost exclusively certified leather from species-appropriate husbandry and increasingly deploy natural fibres such as TENCEL ™ or Canvas. The use of recycled and recyclable materials is also intensively expanded.

Social Commitment

The promotion and support of voluntary local and international initiatives is part of our visionary corporate governance. We are committed to long-term partnerships. Together with the Jane Goodall Institute-Austria we support the reforestation of tropical forests in Western Uganda, one of the most valuable ecosystems on our planet. On World Environment Day 2020, we have already planted 500 trees.

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Social Responsibility