Loafers are among the timeless pieces that never go out of style. This season, the flat, masculine classics shine in new materials and give the wearer self-confident power.


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Women's loafers – the classic preppy look footwear

Women's loafers are characterised by understatement. They impress with a usually quite plain design and top-quality materials and craftsmanship. All over the world, comfortable loafers have long since become established women's footwear. Depending on the material they are made of and their colour, they are worn as classic all-day footwear, business shoes or as a fashionable highlight. Women's loafers are perfect for the popular preppy look. With their subtle charm, they are always eye-catching yet never obtrusive.
These comfortable slip-ons were originally worn on the US East Coast, where a pair of practical loafers was, and still is, a style-defining fashion statement in sophisticated circles. Penny loafers, so called because college students traditionally used to slip a penny under one of the horizontal leather tabs on their loafers before an exam for luck, are popular business as well as leisure time footwear. This shoe trend spread from America to Europe in the 1950s. The legendary Gucci horsebit loafers made in Italy catapulted these shoes to international fame. World stars like Alain Delon and Francis Ford Coppola made loafers acceptable anywhere. They became a high society favourite and have since then been an essential and defining element of classic-style smart fashion.

Högl's exclusive, traditionally manufactured women's loafers

Classic footwear such as women's loafers calls for precise craftsmanship and premium-quality raw materials. Högl is a renowned shoe manufacturer whose brand name is internationally associated with exclusive women's footwear. Sophisticated women put their trust in Högl's exclusive women's loafers. These classic women's shoes impress with their utter comfort and stylish design. Each season, Högl's collection not only features timeless women's loafers in black but also fashionable, trendy designs that reflect the colours of the current fashions and experiment with innovative leather types and finishes. Högl skilfully combines everything women expect of these classic shoes with the aspect of fashionableness. Decorative gold-coloured horsebits, lifted heels, crinkle patent leather and embossed leather are only four examples of how Högl has turned sensible women's loafers into fashionable eye-catchers.

Loafers as trendy footwear for women?

Over the past few years, these classic shoes have increasingly gained in importance on the international fashion scene. Designers and fashion bloggers have rediscovered women's loafers. They reinterpret them each season, for example in different finishes or with block heels, in appreciation of their comfort and casual chic. In keeping with the season's style, minimalist women's loafers feature at the international fashion shows in neutrals shades such as creme, white and black. The combination of a pair of women's loafers worn with a classic casual outfit will never go out fashion. They are an essential element of the college look, all smart styles and "Brit chic". Fans of vintage looks can also not do without them. Time and again, style icons such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have shown the world that loafers are unaffected by fashion trends. Whether you prefer the classic or a more fashionable version, one thing is certain: Högl offers sophisticated loafers for footwear with style and panache that goes with leisure time, business and evening outfits.

What to wear with women's loafers?

Worn the classic way, women's loafers confidently complement all feminine contemporary looks. These shoes offer an unlimited range of combination options. Casual-style, they are worn with chinos, polo shirts and casual jackets. However, women can also opt for loafers in business. Conventionally, loafers are worn with trousers. Their favourite partners are 7/8-length versions. For a smarter outfit, choose fabric trousers, whether slim fit or wide cut. Högl's loafers with block heels add a touch of elegant retro chic to trousers as well as skirts and dresses. Do sophisticated women wear socks with loafers? Style experts recommend low cut socks with this classic footwear. If you want a trendier look, don't wear socks on warm days and slip into your loafers with your bare feet. For a cheeky street wear outfit with a style break, partner these stylish shoes with a short pleated skirt or jeans and a retro design blouse. Styling tip for women's loafers: always leave your ankles exposed to emphasise your Högl loafers and to visually elongate your legs.