Our Commitment


“Step by step, we are consistently heading towards a sustainable future. With love and commitment, a sense of responsibility and respect for our environment.“

We care.


We only have one planet, and its resources are finite. Fundamentally, we all know that a change in our behaviour is inevitable, and that we all need to do our bit to ensure the earth remains liveable in the future too.

As a family-run business, at Högl we have always looked to future generations, and strived for a resource-friendly production, quite simply because, to a large extent, sustainability also stands for quality. The more durable and comfortable a shoe is, the more sustainable it is. That is why we continue to rely on manufacturing by hand to the present day,
despite all the technology available.

We produce our shoes in Europe, carry out strict quality controls, and solely use carefully selected premium materials. We work exclusively with genuine leather from hides that are by-products of meat production.

Whether it is our LWG-certified leather, innovative materials from renewable fibres, Tencel laces or our EVA-WALK eco-soles 30% made from recycled materials, we are living up to our ecological responsibilities. And we have recognised one thing: that striving towards sustainability is a never-ending process, which constantly calls for new, more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Sustainable development can only be achieved, if all relevant factors are taken into account.

Therefore, our sustainability concept is based on three pillars: Environment, Social Responsibility and Tradition & Craftsmanship.

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