Warm outdoors - comfortable indoors

The new GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ THERMIUM ™ models from Högl offer just the right amount of insulation and only in the toe area, where
feet lose heat the fastest. The temperature management guarantees the highest level of comfort, at different temperatures.

As soon as it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, the way to the office quickly becomes a shiver, because the chic dress code shoes are usually not sufficiently insulated. With the new city models from Högl with integrated GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ THERMIUM ™ technology, freezing is over and the style is right too!

Comfort & Performance

In cool temperatures we are faced with a difficult choice: With winter boots into the heated office or with airy pumps through the freezing cold? The new city boots and ankle boots from Högl with integrated GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ THERMIUM ™ technology are the solution. An insulating membrane is incorporated in the forefoot area, which protects the sensitive toe area from the cold without the heat building up in closed rooms.

Invisible Function

The GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ THERMIUM ™ membrane creates a warming feeling, comparable to that of a sheepskin boot, without being bulky. The elegant city boots and ankle boots are transformed into chic everyday models with functionality that you can feel but not see.