Mother's Day is an occasion to honour the unconditional love and devotion our mothers give us every day. It is the perfect opportunity to show them how much we appreciate them and how grateful we are for everything they do for us.

We asked our colleagues what they appreciate most about their mothers and how they say thank you.

"I especially appreciate my mum's care, patience and her ability to support and encourage me. As well as her confidence and creativity. I would give my mum the belt "Colleen" in silver as a belt is a very versatile accessory that can be both practical and very stylish and it suits her style very well."

- Verena, Junior Retail Coordinator

"I would give my mum the bracelet "Twist" in Chocolate for Mother's Day. The style of the bracelet and the colour suit her and her eyes incredibly well. I especially appreciate my mum's patience, her strength and determination in all areas of our lives. The open ear she always has for me and also the good advice that always comes in handy."

- Alexandra, Graphic Design

"For Mother's Day, I would give my mum the belt "Corey".  A belt enhances every outfit and gives it that certain something. Especially for jeans, which she wears almost every day, the belt is the perfect upgrade. What I appreciate most about my mum is her helpfulness. She is always there for me when I need her and gives me the best advice. She always puts family first."

- Sarah, Marketing Assistant

"I appreciate my mum for her fierce nature, her joy of life and her love of travelling. With the scarf "Linen" in the colour azalea, she is always perfectly dressed for all her undertakings and it is always the highlight in terms of colour."

- Daniela, Graphic Design

"I would give my mum the leather jacket "Inés", it would suit her perfectly - classic, elegant and stylish. My mum is always there for me and is the best grandma you can imagine. She is a great support for me and my family. I am lucky to have such a great mum."

- Johanna, Sales

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