Sculptured heels: art you can wear!

Sculptured heels, or ‘artsy heels’, are attracting a lot of attention at the moment, both on the catwalk and on the streets of the world’s fashion capitals. Sitting alongside the trend for minimalism, these new heels stand out as true works of art, making us smile with their shape and colour and turning any look into a fashion highlight. You can see the full range on the catwalks this season: from geometric shapes like spheres and cylinders, right through to heels elaborately decorated with rhinestones - fantasy knows no limits. The Högl design team has also created its very own interpretation of this shoe trend: our Sculptured Heels Capsule Collection, which will cause a stir with its artistic creations. With hand-painted accents on the heel and crocodile-effect leather, these sandals and shoes from our mini collection are surefire statement pieces. The acrylic heels on our strappy and slingback sandals have a 3D effect like a cloud - letting you float elegantly along the street. 

“The idea is to make every Högl shoe with these heels into something unique. The styles of our Sculptured Heels Collection get their individual look from the hand-painted, exceptionally curved block heel. The heels all look similar, but none are identical. So every woman will have one-of-a-kind piece!”
Jörg Reichelt, Head of Design at Högl

We have teamed up with renowned Italian heel makers Molinella to turn the creative idea for our heels a reality. Founded in Bologna in 1930, the company is now one of the biggest manufacturers of innovative heels for leading fashion brands worldwide. Seeing what they can produce is like visiting an art gallery: heels adorned with rhinestones, made from transparent acrylic or carved out of wood - whatever takes your fancy in fashion, you can find it here. So we’re all the more proud that our Sculptured Heels are among the works of art that leave the Tacchificio di Molinella.

Find your favourite design from our Sculptured Heels Capsule Collection: