Feminine lace-ups are indispensable essentials this fall/winter and the perfect addition to any casual weekend look.

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Lace-ups for women – feminine dandy look

For modern women, a pair of elegant lace-ups is as essential as pumps and sneakers. Lace-up shoes were once worn by men only. In the 1930s, style icons such as Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel revolutionised the fashion world. They popularised the androgynous look, and wore trouser suits and flat lace-up shoes originally designed for men, paving the way for comfortable and practical lace-up shoes for women.
Due to their classic elegance, a pair of lace-up shoes is an absolute must-have for style-conscious women, whether for business or leisure time wear. The elegant lace-ups with masculine facets were inspired by brogues and other shoes with punch hole detailing. The fact that these classic shoes are all related to each other is obvious at first glance. The trendy versions of women's lace-ups call for a little more imagination when it comes to guessing their origins. All of them have one typical characteristic in common: they are firmly attached to the foot with the aid of laces. Leather lace-ups are popular with women, and not only because they are comfortable. Their masculine and even androgynous charm makes them very sexy.

Högl lace-ups – striking and elegant shoes

Högl has a long tradition and has been practising the art of manufacturing footwear since 1935. The company specialises in the manufacture of exclusive, feminine footwear for women with high expectations when it comes to quality. For its lace-ups, Högl skilfully combines the androgynous charm of this type of shoe with fashionable facets. It goes without saying that women will be impressed by the comfort and convenience of Högl's lace-ups. Each season, Högl not only launches elegant lace-up shoes for women but also some fashionable lace-up highlights. The Högl designers experiment with different soles, materials and shiny surfaces. Depending on your fashion taste, Högl offers narrow cut women's lace-ups as well as women's lace-ups with a casual charm and striking treaded soles.

Trendy in the spring/summer of 2023: casual women's lace-up shoes

Opposites attract. This style has increasingly conquered the fashion world. Women skilfully experiment with accessories that result in style breaks. It is therefore hardly surprising that lace-ups for women have long since become It-pieces. Currently fashionable are elegant dandy-look lace-ups that hardly differ from the classic men's footwear. However, also trendy are casual women's lace-ups and rugged lace-ups for women with treaded soles. The newcomers are guided by the season's fashion trends and shades. Fashion-conscious women as well as fashionistas rely on the androgynous style of this footwear and utilise it to create crossover dandy or boyfriend style outfits. Modern women love rugged lace-up shoes. Why? At last, you no longer necessarily have to wear high heels with skirts and dresses. Lace-ups can be worn around the clock. To the office, to trade shows, on business trips, when you're out shopping and to after-work parties.

What to wear with women's lace-ups?

Women's lace-ups are traditionally worn with trousers. Sophisticated women confidently wear lace-ups with a trouser suit or, on casual occasions, also with a pair of jeans to emphasise the footwear's masculine look. However, the latest fashion trends provide almost unlimited scope for experimentation when it comes to lace-ups: anything goes. The comfortable shoes are worn with skirts and dresses to create style breaks. Whether elegant women's lace-ups or lace-ups with striking treaded soles: the choice is entirely yours. The contrast is intentional and makes all looks more authentic. Combine cropped trousers and distressed jeans with casual lace-ups for the fun and cheeky boyfriend style. Thanks to the wide range of different designs, this women's footwear can be worn with long dresses as well as mini and midi-length skirts. At first, wearing lace-ups instead of pumps may feel a little odd. There is no feminine lightness; they feel clunky. You should nevertheless give it a go. Wear a pair of women's lace-ups with a skirt or a dress to go out in. You'll love the comfortable feeling.