Athletic yet nevertheless feminine, our sneakers are impressively comfortable everyday companions.
They are extremely versatile and add a contemporary touch to casual outfits.


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Women's sneakers - sophisticated smart-casual sneakers

Sophisticated sneakers are trendy - the comfortable, everyday sports footwear has successfully made it to the top echelons. Ever since athleisure wear became one of the top fashion themes, sneakers have been essential key pieces for women. The latest sophisticated sneakers are as impressively comfortable to wear as the sports shoes they originally were, yet they are also as feminine as a pair of elegant women's shoes. Högl's lovingly designed version makes them incredibly easy to integrate into an outfit. The desire for comfort extends across all styles. Nowadays, smart-casual sneakers are also perfectly suitable business and special occasion wear. They represent our modern lifestyle. Sneakers combine a dynamic look with edginess, luxury and comfort. Sneakers first appeared on the fashion scene in 1950, when James Dean was photographed wearing a pair. From that moment onwards, their rise became unstoppable, and the revolutionary footwear conquered the world. Elegant, sustainable and stylish, Högl’s sneakers are an essential part of your capsule wardrobe.  

Högl sneakers – the right sneaker design for any outfit.

From a fashion perspective, any style goes when it comes to women’s sneakers – from retro designs and running shoes to basketball styles, high-tops or even classic white trainers, there are plenty to choose from. As always, sneakers can be used to create a crossover look, as these trendy sports shoes are perfect with feminine summer dresses, casual jeans or even elegant trouser suits. Colourful designs are certain to put you in a good mood when worn with either a leisure outfit or business look, while white sneakers combine casual sportiness with elegance. A tip from our stylists: as high-top sneakers make your legs look shorter, you need to have a slight gap between the top of them and your trousers to counteract this.

Are there any particular sneaker trends for spring/summer 2024?

When it comes to sneakers, you can look forward to a little more colour variation. Our new retro sneaker, available in black and white, as well as exciting metallic colours, convinces not only visually but also through absolute lightness. As an innovative highlight, the model "Zayn" delights with a ridged, rounded Vibram® sole. In contrast, minimalist designs feature clean, streamlined silhouettes in black and cream with ultra-light blow-cup soles.. Sustainable sneakers are one of the main trends for 2024 and as a prestigious and responsible shoe manufacturer, the issue of sustainability is a high priority for Högl. Certified premium leather from sustainable production is increasingly being used for women’s sneakers. Sneakers made from vegan soft nappa leather are wowing women, along with the use of resource-friendly materials. These include linings made from regenerated microfibres, biodegradable laces made from Tencel, and EVA soles made partially from recycled materials. The sophisticated sole design and breathable lining give every Högl sports shoe the qualities of a running shoe. These elegant sneakers enable discerning women to make the perfect choice, be it for the office or a shopping trip.