Plain & Plaited

Fashion Intertwining

Modern Craft

Shoes with transparent weaving are really on-trend. Wide leather weave is used in new heels and sadots, which softly hugs the foot and provides subtle glimpses of the feet. With a simple cut and clean colour choice, slingback heels and ankle boots embody the feminine world of style.


Summer Flair

Shoes made from woven material are a must have for summer. Designs in soft, natural shades are particularly feminine and graceful. These can be combined with summery maxi dresses or skirts as well as casual jeans and basic shirts.

Ornately Entwined

Rich Knots

Bows were yesterday’s fashion – now, heels are decorated with intricate knots. Intricately entwined material adorns summer slingbacks. The colours rosé, nude and white make them classic all-rounders with a modern twist.