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    CORDOLA 6-156013
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    CORDOLA 6-156010
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  6. HÖGL - Belts
    COLLEEN 5-156204
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Belts: the distinctive styling accessories for your wardrobe

A belt is the magic touch that lets you completely transform your outfit, and you’ll need a confident sense of style to pull off an extravagant belt. Designers are always reinterpreting belts and finding new ways to style them. One season it’ll be wide wraparound belts that are high fashion, the next, narrow braided belts or belts with big buckles. A monochrome leather belt with a logo clasp will always be a classic. A belt can add just as elegant a finishing touch to a loose maxi dress as it can to a coat or trousers; it draws the eye to the waist, and won’t fail to emphasise a feminine silhouette. 

Leather belts from Högl – a stylish must-have for any woman

The Austrian label Högl is well known around the world for fashionable women’s footwear. The brand’s shoe collections are topped off with its range of coordinating bags and belts. Worn together, either two items or all three, Högl accessories will create a stylish and harmonious look. The clasp can often make a belt really eye-catching. On its classic belts, Högl likes to put the brand’s logo, the Högl H, in the spotlight on the buckle, making them perfect to wear with trousers. A belt with decorative elements, however, can really steal the show; if you’re careful about how you style it, it can add some feminine pizzazz to your outfit. Alternatively, the Högl leather belts with a woven effect can be a true feast for the eyes: they combine classic elegance with the charm of something that’s been crafted by hand.  

What’s the best way to wear a belt?

It’s important for a leather belt to gently hug a woman’s waist: neither too tight nor too loose, to ensure it adds that all-essential flattering touch. Too tight and it can emphasise your curves in the wrong way, making your outfit seem shorter and wider. Too loose and your leather belt can look messy. The only exception would be a belt that’s deliberately buckled up too wide and then usually worn at an angle. An overly long belt is seen as a no-no in the fashion world too. It’s the perfect length if you can buckle it using the third hole along; this will avoid the end hanging down too far. Ideally, you should be able to tuck the end of your belt through the first belt loop on your trousers or skirt. To determine your perfect belt length, it’s best to measure the waistband of a well-fitting pair of trousers.

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