Elegant lightness is combined with authentic naturalness. Cool chic merges with subtle minimalism. The Högl spring/summer 2024 collection pays homage to sophisticated designs that celebrate feminine sophistication and timeless beauty. The focus is on models that capture the spirit of minimalist style and give it an exciting, modern twist. Reinterpreted classics become a statement of understated elegance and quiet luxury. Every detail has been carefully thought through and perfected.


Discover all the details and news about our new spring/summer 2024 collection.

Under the motto of „Effortless Chic“, our collection is dedicated to nuanced shapes and colours. Plain is replaced by multi-layered, simple by subtle. The desire for easy-going styles that artfully combine comfort, durability and design runs like a red thread through the entire collection.

Contemporary elegance and modern lifestyle characterise the silhouettes of our new collection. As a super soft counterpart to elegant classics, loafers stand for understated, casual chic. Under the sign of the new neutrality, a nuanced colour palette of soft tones such as Sahara and cream ensures a delicate lightness.

An artistic print with a fascinating „marble effect“ not only refines scarves in exciting yet harmonious colour combinations, but also creates unique styling for shoes.

Subtle elegance and timeless sophistication are conquering the catwalks as an unbeatable duo. The fashion trend invites you to discover the beauty of simplicity.

Uncomplicated, generous cuts and sophisticated layers combine to create expressive looks and turn easy pieces into style icons that set the tone.

Shimmering metallic sandals with elegant straps and modern details meet sustainably produced platform sandals with retro-inspired knots and a metallic sheen for a confident look with feminine flair.

Sorbet shades convey a carefree attitude to life and whet the appetite for summer and the beach. An intense colour palette of fresh shades such as lime carries the essence of summer. A dreamlike interplay is created in combination with dark shades such as violet and black - creating exciting yet harmonious contrasts.

Simply cool. Simply casual. Simply jeanious. Rarely have all-denim looks been so easy and smart to create.

Not only a statement in terms of design, but also function and innovation. With wide and extremely lightweight soles, our skater sneakers in a casual retro design are sure to impress.

Photographer: Andreas Ortner

Model: Tako N.