Perfect your outfit with matching accessories that go perfectly with your shoes or bag.


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  1. HÖGL - Wallets
    WALLET 3-151020
    2,299.00CZK 1,799.00CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  2. HÖGL - Wallets
    MIRANDA 3-151030
    2,799.00CZK 1,999.00CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  3. HÖGL - Wallets
    VALENTINA 3-151050
    3,799.00CZK 2,699.00CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  4. HÖGL - Gürtel
    CORDOLA 3-156010
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  5. HÖGL - Belts
    COLEEN 3-156200
    3,299.00CZK 2,599.00CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  6. HÖGL - Scarves
    TWIST 3-152020
    1,999.00CZK 1,599.00CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  7. HÖGL - Scarves
    BLOSSOM 3-152010
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  8. HÖGL - Jackets
    AMBER 3-191003
    10,299.00CZK 7,199.00CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  9. Nachhaltigkeit
    HÖGL - Jacke
    BREEZE 3-194001
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  10. Nachhaltigkeit
    HÖGL - Jackets
    EASE 3-194003
    7,699.00CZK 5,399.90CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  11. Nachhaltigkeit
    HÖGL - Jackets
    SUMMER 3-194002
    7,299.00CZK 5,099.90CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  12. New Arrivals
    Högl - Scarves - Black / Toffee
    CAPE CUSHY 4-196101
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  13. New Arrivals
    Högl - Jackets - Black
    CHERISH 4-191003
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  14. New Arrivals
    Högl - Jackets - Black
    TAYLOR 4-191002
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  15. New Arrivals
    Högl - Jackets - Black
    HALLE 4-191001
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)
  16. HÖGL - Jackets
    CHARLENE 3-191005
    12,899.00CZK 8,999.00CZK
    Incl. VAT, (Free shipping)

16 Items

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Högl accessories – to match your bag & shoes

Add a finishing touch to your outfit with matching accessories that go perfectly with your shoes or bag. Högl customers can enjoy a wide range of accessories for each design line, all guaranteed to help create stylish outfits. Choose from belts, scarves, jackets, tops, shorts and wallets, all featuring the quality and craftsmanship that is characteristic of Högl accessories. Just like its shoes and bags, Högl also ensures that every accessory is durable, feminine and elegant. In keeping with the slow fashion movement, all of these key pieces will bring you pleasure each time you use them to create chic looks. 

Delicate silk scarves - all-rounders for your look

This season, silk scarves are making a grand comeback, as these delicate scarves in a wide range of different shapes and colours add a fashionable twist to any outfit. Depending on your outfit, you can wear these silk scarves across your shoulders, tied around your neck or even as headwear. A guaranteed eye-catcher to go with your shoes!

Purses – the perfect partner for your favourite bag

True fashionistas wouldn’t be seen without a purse that matches their bag.Högl’s leather purses have an exclusive design and are practical to use. They are also available in various shapes and sizes to suit your personal preference. All of the brilliant designs feature cleverly thought-out compartments.

Belts from Högl – show off your waist!

This year, our range also includes belts. Complete your outfit with the accessory for your waist or hips that is designed to match our shoes and bags. Sophisticated belts featuring the distinctive Högl H buckle are just some of the timeless classics that can be added to any business or elegant wardrobe, as well as belts with a woven look. Women’s belts with decorative elements can be used to give any look a stylish upgrade.  

Clothing from Högl – exclusive statement pieces

Sustainability is a priority in Högl clothing. We are writing the future with our women’s jackets, shorts and tops made from vegan soft nappa leather, jackets in recycled nylon and shirts in pure organic cotton. Högl takes a responsible approach to using resources, with new technologies increasingly being used to make materials more sustainable. The minimalist designs in Högl’s clothing range are both timeless and elegant.