A conversation with the Högl design team about the current collection and a new set of values.

Athleisure and minimalism are followed by a counter-trend. A look at the new Högl collection reveals scores of glamorous it-pieces that invite you to turn the street into their catwalk.

Where did the inspiration for the current collection come from?

Obviously, we are guided by the fashion trends, but we interpret these in our own, extremely feminine signatures style. We are also increasingly integrating our sustainability standards into the design process, and are thereby gradually transferring our ideas from the minimalism trend to the entire collection. As glitter and glamour are paricularly important this season, the minimalist design language also makes a new statement. We are taking a new look at shapes, playing with volumes and referencing the 1990s. What is important to us is the fun factor, along with a colour palette of brilliant shades and soft pastels.

Högl stands for longevity and trendconciousness. How can these extremely opposing aspects be reconciled?

Principally speaking, it's all about good and bad design. And good design is characterised by the fact that it is so well-thought-out that it is not just a short fashion fad. We always keep this attitude in the back of our minds, especially also when it comes to the choice of materials. When it comes to our essentials for example, we often also rely on fashionable colours, whereas we offer the forward-looking models in a range of classic colours. Our customers expect a high-quality and maximum wear comfort product they can enjoy for many years to come. That is why many of our designs are classics that are bought time and time again.

Do you have a particular type of woman in mind during the design process?

No. On the one hand, because we work in a team and everyone would therefore have a different type of woman in their mind. On the other, because complexity and diversity are important to us. Every single woman is made up of so many facets; no two women are alike. We want all of these women to see themselves reflected in our collections.

This intent alone already makes Högl unique; what else?

As a brand, we are continuously developing further whilst retaining our own DNA. That is also why we produce in Europe to the strictest standards. The result is a unique mixture of comfort, elegance, craftsmanship, outstanding quality and timeless design.

Does fashion have to reflect your own attitude, and can it be empowering?

Definitely. Fashion gives us the chance to express ourselves. Our clothes not only determine how we are perceived but also tell others much about our attitude. Are we sustainable, confident, courageous, curious? We view Högl as a lifestyle brand that respects the zeitgeist and reflects it in a responsible way. As designers, we are tasked with creating fashion that not only flatters women but also makes them feel good.

Read our HÖGL News Spring/Summer 2023 for more information about the current collection:

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