Vintage Hotspots in Austria

Nostalgia in every-day life

Who doesn't like indulging in cherished memories? Nostalgia makes happy. That's why we introduce you to the most beautiful retro excursion destinations in Austria.

The vintage trend is now evident in all areas of life. Fashion, furniture, cars, gastronomy. Why is everything cool today that used to be in the past? Where does nostalgia come from, the longing for bygone times? The answer could be: "Everything used to be better. " But in reality, a journey back in time would not make any of us happy, since we had to take a huge step back in terms of living standards. The solution is simple: bring the past sense of life with all its charms into the modern here and now. We achieve this with a shoe collection that consciously plays with the colours and cuts of the 70s and expresses the self-confident femininity of the time.

Not only in the fashion world is the retro charm of the 70s a popular style right now, but also in the art and culture scene the vintage thought is used as a means of expression for joie de vivre, hilarity and amusement of a special kind. We take this opportunity to introduce you to four of the most popular retro hotspots in Austria, which will take you back to the golden seventies!

Vintage Fabrik – Nostalgic Shopping in the heart of Vienna

Since 2019, Vintage Fabrik in Mariahilferstraße 3 has been the officially largest vintage department store in the city. 14 shops from all across Europe offer their products here. Door-to-door you will find fashion labels, which interpret the retro style in a modern way, and second-hand shops, which offer real fashion treasures of the time. Furniture shops, jewellery boutiques and record shops invite you to browse. Some people find it difficult to find their way back to the modern age after their visit.

© Hotel am Brillantengrund

Hotel am Brillantengrund – a journey through time 

If you are currently thinking about a holiday in Austria, the Hotel am Brillantengrund in the centre of Vienna could be the right address. Here, time has stood still. An extensive treasure trove of original furniture, lamps, carpets and other furnishings creates the typical flair of the 70s - combined with the service and comfort of today. In the adjacent garage there is a nostalgic bar, a hub for art events and concerts and a meeting place for creative people from all over the world.

Resistance and change - about the 1970s in Tyrol

If you visit the Tyrolean Architecture Centre (aut) until 24 October, you can dive deep into the spirit of the 70s. The exhibition "widerstand und wandel" connects the architectural movement of this time, with the culture and the social spirit of optimism in the 1970s. Cultural and socio-political themes are presented with books, posters, artwork, photos, films and audio examples.

View of the exhibition in aut, © Nikolaus Schletterer

Café Vollpension, © Mark Glassner

Das möbel, © das möbel

Food & Drinks between relicts of the 70s

The gastronomy and club scene has also joined the retro trend. More and more restaurants, cafés and bars are coming up with creative concepts. There are numerous hotspots in Vienna, which make the "quick coffee in between" an experience. In Café Phil, you can enjoy your americano amidst nostalgic books and records, which can even be bought.



In "das möbel", the furniture can first be tested  during the visit to the coffee house, and then be bought. Those, who visit the "Vollpension" at Naschmarkt, experience a cosy retro atmosphere, like at home with grandma. Here, senior citizens bake and cook for the younger generation, following recipes with a long tradition.

Enjoy our excursion tips, indulge in cherished memories and hold on to them – perhaps with an elegant pumps or a feminine boot from the new Högl Autumn/Winter Collection 2020.