Summer Party

Whether colourful or shiny glamorous. The summer parties this year will definitely not be boring!

Colourful summer parties

This summer‘s events are sure to be one thing - colourful! Bold colours like blue, red, green or gold will be at the
forefront of the trend colours this year, along with
neutral colours like ecru or beige. The elegance of a classic white colour palette can be beautifully combined with the energy of bold colours.

And this applies not only to events, but also to outfits.
Why not show up to daydrinking on Saturday with an ecru jumpsuit and our green strappy sandals EILEEN? Or how about a monochrome look in our IZABEL square mules in the colour of the year Very Perri?

There are almost no limits to the play of colours this summer - the more colour the more fun!

Sparkling Night-Outs

Are you a fan of glamorous parties but don‘t have a suitable outfit yet? No problem with our CHIARA high-heel square-toe sandals - they go perfectly with shiny and glittery dresses. With a pair of our metallics, every outfit becomes an eye-catcher and gives the wearer absolute red carpet feeling.

Accessories for days - and nights

With our JOY and JOSIE crossbody bags, you can round off any summer look as you wish.

Wear JOY in stylish banana with natural shades or colour-block with outfits in
bold colours.

If you feel like glitz and glamour, JOSIE is your best bet. It offers space for the most important utensils and its simple design in metallic leather adds a touch of glamour to any style.

The outfit is ready - now what?

The styling has been perfected and now what? Now it comes to party planning. But that‘s another story.
We‘ll just give you one more tip.

And this one is called:

Pink Senorita.

Like a margarita, but with a softer side. The Pink Señorita uses lemonade and lemon juice instead of limes and grapefruit. After all, you need the right summer drink to go with summer stylings.

And now we‘ll tell you how to prepare it:

What you need for a drink:

  • 1 lemon wedge, for the rim of the glas
  • salt, for sprinkling over rim of the glas
  • ice cubes
  • 13 cl Pink Lemonade
  • 1 cl fresh lemon juice
  • 3 cl Triple Sec
  • 6 cl tequil
  • 1 lemon slice to garnish
  • fresh mint to garnish

How you prepare it:

Step 1: Rub the rim of the jar with a lemon wedge and dip the rim in salt.

Step 2: Combine Pink Lemonade, lemon juice,
Triple Sec and tequila and mix.

Step 3: Garnish each glass with a slice of lemon and fresh mint.

Step 4: And now enjoy your Summer Glam Party!