In the hectic and fast-paced world we live in, it is important to consciously shift down a gear every now and then and give our lives room to decelerate.
„Slow down your life“ - this simple message holds a profound meaning. It invites us to live more consciously, to enjoy the moment and to take time for ourselves. Deceleration allows us to step out of the omnipresent hectic pace and get back in tune with ourselves. Deceleration also means shifting our focus and concentrating on the essentials. Often, we get lost in the flood of information and tasks that are piling up on us. By consciously choosing where to focus our attention, we can concentrate on the things that are really important to us and that fulfill us. To help us consciously integrate deceleration into our everyday lives, we have put together a few tips for you:

Tip No. 1: Time for breakfast

Get out of bed on time, take time to eat and start the day satisfied. Do not start the day with stress, but consciously schedule time to take care of yourself. To still save time in the morning, you can prepare your breakfast the day before, perfect for this are, for example, overnight oats. The only important thing is that you start the day in peace and enjoy your breakfast in the morning without stress.

Tip No. 2: Digital Detox

Reduce the amount of time you spend with digital devices. Why not turn off your cell phone or computer for a while and focus on real-life encounters and activities instead? You will go to bed in the evening much more relaxed and satisfied.

Tip No. 3: Take time out

Whether it‘s writing a diary or reading a book, take small time-outs from the stressful daily grind and switch off. Perfect ways to take good care of yourself include going for walks or meditating. Why not spend your lunch break having a small lunch at the café next door, in the park or taking a walk instead of at work. You will start the afternoon much more relaxed.

Tip No. 4: Slow down your Wardrobe

The apartment can also be decelerated: Longevity in the closet. We are glad that a rethink is taking place in the fashion world and that the trend is moving from fast fashion to slow fashion. Quality counts instead of quantity. Instead of buying a lot of clothes, buy a small Capsule Wardrobe, but of higher quality and more durable. Sort out the old or redundant clothes - there are many ways to give them away wisely. To learn more about how you too can get more sustainability in your closet, click here.

Tip No. 5: Exercise

Make time for exercise at least once a day, whether it‘s going for a walk or trying workouts. Explore different relaxation techniques such as yoga or tai chi. These can help relieve stress and regain your inner balance. Most importantly, however, make sure you enjoy and have fun, which is the only way to stick to these routines in the long run.

Tip No. 6: Nature

Nature positively influences our wellbeing and has a calming effect on our psyche. Build in walks or short bike rides in nature and combine this with Digital Detox, for example.

Tip No. 7: Healthy diet and Detoxing

A healthy diet is crucial for our well-being and health. It provides our body with the necessary nutrients to function optimally and can reduce the risk of various diseases. Try different detox teas or new smoothies and pamper your body.

Tip No. 8: Time management

Identify the things that are really important to you and set clear priorities. Concentrate on the essentials and let go of the unimportant. Multitastking is not an option, by doing so we stress our brain and drain our body of unnecessary energy. Plan a 15-minute buffer so that, for example, an incident on the way to work does not stress you out.