Outdoor Adventures

Here’s our tip for sunny November days: small but satisfying trips out, with the perfect footwear for them!

It’s now late autumn – many people’s favourite time of year. Mild temperatures, colourful leaves on the trees and the low-lying sun are just what’s needed right now to tempt us out for some exercise in the fresh air. We’ve got some ideas for mini adventures you could have on those fine autumn afternoons, as well as what best to wear on your feet so that you can enjoy plenty of time with your loved ones.

1. A walk by the lake

What could be better than strolling along the shore of a lake, with the colourful autumn scenery as a backdrop? Being by the water, wandering along a shoreline path from cove to cove and, if the walk back is too far, simply hop on the boat back to your starting point. The ideal footwear for this would be robust boots with an extra chunky sole that can keep your feet dry, even if it rains. You can give your boots a little extra protection with Vario spray from Collonil and apply some of their Waterstop tube for leather occasionally to maintain them. All you have to do to clean them after a long walk is gently rub in some Organic Bamboo lotion and they’ll soon be as shiny as they were the day you bought them.

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2. A wander around town

A good walk doesn’t have to take place in the countryside: it can also be great in a city. A leisurely stroll through a park or along the streets, with shop windows and cafés beckoning. There’s always something new to discover and before you know it, the afternoon’s almost over. You can also guard against colder temperatures by carrying a hot drink with you. And the right footwear is indispensable, of course. Tall lace-ups and a ridged sole will provide the grip and support you need and keep your feet warm. Before you put on your boots for the first time,we recommend you waterproof them with Collonil’s Vario spray and you can always use it to freshen up their colour too. If you get them dirty, simply use a cleaning brush and some Organic Bamboo lotion to gently remove it and make them look as good as new.

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3. A trip around the grounds of a stately home

Strolling through the grounds of somewhere grand can be like a journey through time – sprawling parklands, beautifully designed gardens and, of course, the magnificent building all tell their individual stories. Statues line the paths and there’s often an animal enclosure to entertain you. There’s always some exploring to be done in the expanses of the grounds: it’s a great way to spend a bright autumn day. To ensure your feet stay warm and dry while you’re there, waterproof boots with a GORE-TEX membrane - and a feminine touch - are just what you need. A chunky, ridged sole will provide extra grip on those pathways covered in leaves. Nano Complete spray from Collonil is the perfect thing for looking after our GORE-TEX styles and if they get dirty, you can clean them with a gentle cleaning brush and some Organic Bamboo lotion. That will ensure your boots will have a long life for plenty of lovely autumn excursions.  

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4. A ramble in the forest

Forest walks fill your lungs with fresh air, they get your metabolism going and they support your mental and physical wellbeing. You can really breathe deeply in the peaceful atmosphere among the trees, enjoy the autumn colours and simply forget about time. The fresh air and peace will tempt you to extend your walk and maybe you’ll spot some of the creatures that live there. Here again, it’s important to have footwear with a chunky, ridged sole to offer grip on the slippery forest floor. Your boots should also ensure your feet are warm and dry as you’re walking through the leaves. To keep them that way, you can use Collonil Vario spray to waterproof and maintain them. After a long walk in the woods, we recommend cleaning your beautiful boots with Organic Bamboo lotion, to help them last you for many more years to come.

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