Our top 5 trends to follow in Spring 2021

When it’s the coldest season of the year, we’re always desperate for the time we can store away our winter jackets, hats and boots to make space for our spring wardrobe. We’ve put together a summary of the key spring trends and we’d also like to give you a quick preview of our S/S 2021 collection.

1. Chunky Chains

Chunky chains adorn just about every item of clothing in the fashion world at the moment. Rather than being reminiscent of something you would find in a jewellery shop, the prominence and sturdiness of the chains that now appear on dresses, skirts, sweaters and coats by the big fashion designers makes them look more like a hardware trend.

The trend for chains could be interpreted as a breakaway from female and male stereotypes, as the big metal chains express both strength and sensuality in equal measure. The chunky chain boom also fits in well with this modern age where gender roles are becoming increasingly blurred.

Another thought behind this trend is that designers are managing to tune in to our lifestyles during the coronavirus crisis. As lots of people have switched to working from home, they are also adapting their clothing styles accordingly. They want simple garments that are still stylish. Pieces featuring chains are the perfect solution as there is no need for extra accessories to complete the look. Whether you’re working from home, going shopping or having dinner at home with your nearest and dearest, an on-trend piece with decorative chain detailing can look stylish and dressy in any situation.

2. Volume

Fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2021 on the world’s (virtual) catwalks featured voluminous styles such as opulent puffed sleeves, balloon-style skirts, tent-like silhouettes and puffer jackets. In contrast to 80s styles, these designs no longer look girly, but instead exude cool attitude.

The fashion designers’ creations seem far removed from the world as it currently is, and celebrate movement and free development: a feeling we are all seeking in these times of lockdown. This trend is represented in our collection by chunky ridged soles, soft, tube-like leather straps and a pouch bag that makes us think of a little cloud.

Until we finally have the opportunity to travel again and are able to spend time in public spaces without worrying, we can still treat ourselves to a pair of on-trend voluminous shoes from the current collection to distract ourselves from anticipating the end of the pandemic.

3. Soft tones

As we saw last year, the colour palette in the fashion world ranges from beige tones like taupe, oatmeal and camel through to pastel shades. In addition to these soft tones, our absolute favourite (non-)colour of the summer also remains: white radiates again this season in the collections of the renowned designers.

This is a trend that we definitely don’t want to miss out on in Spring 2021, as what could possibly exude more positivity and optimism than pure white and pastel tones?

4. Minimalism

A minimalist style is ideal for a time in which we are realising what really matters: family, treating fellow human beings with respect and looking after the environment. Simple designs and high-quality materials are now elevating minimalist clothing and accessories into real statement pieces. The issue of sustainability is also dominating discourse in the fashion world. Certified materials and upcycling represent a movement that is taking us back to basics and back to nature.

This focus on the essentials is also evident in our current collection, with an emphasis on the quality and durability of our products demonstrated through perfect shaping, monochrome looks in black or white and high-quality, certified leather. The soles and laces in our current S/S 2021 collection are already made from partly recycled materials (e.g. WAVE and FUTURE sneakers).

5. Retro look

Back to the 70s! During the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion weeks, designers sent their models down the catwalks in outfits that harked back to the fashions of the 70s. Modern interpretations of vintage styles, such as corduroy jackets and trousers, high-waisted skirts with button plackets, puffed sleeves and tie-neck blouses, evoked memories of times gone by.

We have also picked up on these retro influences in our collection. Two-tone sneakers with natural-coloured soles and shoes with a curved heel exude nostalgic retro charm.

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