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Leather jackets and coats are always trendy. The current fashion must-haves include cropped cut statement designs as well as trench coats -
this season, also in summery light colours such as a soft rose pink.


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A leather jacket is a must-have for any woman

Leather jackets have become statement pieces in women’s fashion: they’re always bang on trend. Depending on their design, they can add an elegant, casual or cool accent to your wardrobe. Quality leather is extremely resilient and long-lasting. To get on board with the trend for slow fashion, it’s a great idea to invest in a jacket made either from premium leather or vegan soft nappa. Timeless yet modern designs are the ones to go for; leather jackets like these are a byword for exclusivity, and they will also outlast passing fashion trends and prove to be classy, versatile companions.

Women’s jackets by Högl, made from super-soft lambskin or vegan soft nappa 

Genuine leather jackets are particularly soft and supple, and ones made from super-soft lambskin are often a real favourite. The spotlight is increasingly shifting to sustainably produced leather jackets, and this is a trend that Högl, the traditional brand from Austria, is keen to follow too. Certified premium leather is predominantly sourced from suppliers who use resource-friendly production processes. There is also vegan soft nappa, which is indistinguishable from genuine soft leather, both in look and feel. Högl is proud to present its women’s leather jackets – they will wow for many seasons to come. As high-quality investment pieces, they stand out from the crowd. All sustainably produced items are marked with a sustainability icon in the Högl online store.

How to style your leather jacket

An exclusive leather jacket is perfect for the on-trend crossover look. It truly is a stylish basic. Combined with wide, flowing dresses, pencil skirts, wide-legged trousers and jeans, it will complete a casual or an elegant outfit. A hip-length leather jacket will go particularly well with high-waisted trousers and skirts. Shorter, cropped jackets, maybe with a feminine A-line shape, with patch pockets or a quilted design, will add class to any outfit. A jacket with wide 3/4-length sleeves and slightly dropped shoulders can add an air of casual nonchalance. Long collarless blazers or super-light cropped coats with a crinkled look can provide you with countless possibilities for your styling. And to add a striking splash of colour to your leather jacket, you could always choose one of Högl’s silk scarves.  

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