“The cornerstones of our success are our passion for shoe craftsmanship, our high standards of product quality and a familiar relationship with our employees.”

Family Company Lorenz Shoe Group

f.l.t.r. Patrick Lorenz (CEO), Joseph Lorenz (Principal Owner), Gerhard Bachmaier (CEO) 

The HÖGL shoe fashion GmbH has been in family hands since its foundation. Together with the comfort shoe brands GANTER and HASSIA, the company is a subsidiary of the LORENZ Shoe Group GmbH. Principal owner Joseph Lorenz founded the group in 1982 and is now acting as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. His son Patrick Lorenz is responsible as Managing Director for GANTER Shoes GmbH and HASSIA Shoes GmbH. Since 2000, CEO Gerhard Bachmaier has been managing the HÖGL Shoe Fashion GmbH together with his management team. The common understanding that perfection is only possible through passion is the key to success.

Gerhard Bachmaier CEO Högl Shoe Fashion


“The milestones of our success have only been possible thanks to the motivated and tireless commitment of all our employees around the globe, who carry Högl in their hearts.“


Taufkirchen an der Pram, Upper Austria

The headquarters of HÖGL Shoe Fashion GmbH is located in Taufkirchen/Pram in Upper Austria. In addition to the management, the core divisions of product development and design, sample production, logistics, administration as well as marketing and sales are located here.

Production Sites

Martfü, Hungary Varazdin, Croatia

Our shoes are manufactured in the heart of Europe in company-owned production facilities in Martfü (Hungary) and Varazdin (Croatia). The product development and prototype production continues to take place at our headquarters in Taufkirchen/Pram (Upper Austria).

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