Mein Wunschartikel ist leider ausverkauft - Was kann ich tun?

Sollte Ihr Wunschartikel gerade ausverkauft sein, können Sie die Funktion "Benachrichtigen, wenn verfügbar" nutzen oder den Kundenservice kontaktieren. weiterlesen

How can I find a HÖGL Store in near me?

You can find the next HÖGL Store near you through the Store overview. read more

How can I find the right product?

If you are looking for the HÖGL shoe that is suitable for you, you can first allow yourself to be inspired on our Highlight sites and in the blog. read more

What shoe size is right for you?

HÖGL guarantees comfortable feet all day long. But to do this, it is crucial to know your right shoe size. And we’d be happy to help. read more

How can I cancel an order?

If you change your mind after sending an order and would like to cancel this please contact our customer service. read more

How high are the shipping costs?

We offer our customers free shipping within the following countries. read more

What is a guest order?

If you do not want to register, you can also place an order without a login. read more

Wie kann ich mich benachrichtigen lassen, wenn mein Wunschartikel wieder verfügbar ist?

Falls der gewünschte Artikel nicht mehr verfügbar sein sollte, können Sie sich benachrichtigen lassen, wenn der Artikel wieder verfügbar ist. weiterlesen

How can I order?

If you would like to order an article the following steps must be carried out. read more

How do I reserve a product in a HÖGL store - "Click & Reserve"?

First select a product, open the product page and click on the button "Click & Reserve". read more

How do I book an appointment for a personal consultation in a HÖGL store - "Click & Meet"?

You can book an appointment for a personal consultation for selected stores, if the opening hours are reduced due to a lockdown. read more

Should you not have found the answer to your question our customer service would be pleased to assist you.