Nude heels - versatile everyday style

Spring freshness

Feminine heels with cool jeans – this stylish contrast is bang on trend in the fashion world and perfect for this brighter season.
Nude heels are the tried-and-tested all-rounder that will go with almost any look. Their versatility hasn’t escaped Högl; that’s why this block-heeled COEUR is in the spring/summer 2020 collection. With a wide block heel and soft padding on the footbed, it’s crying out to be worn everyday. These shoes are fiercely understated, showing just how elegant discreet style can be.
And their styling options are as diverse as they are simple. We’d suggest wearing them with a pair of bootcut jeans in a light wash with trendy front seams. They have a subtly tapered leg that ends in a slight flare; worn with a high shoe, they create a casual feminine look that will give the illusion of longer legs. The tie-neck blouse with its all-over chain print stands in contrast to the casual jeans, but it’s fully in keeping with the elevated heels. Its bold, distinctive colours bring a bracing, maritime air. All that’s left to add is a Högl shoulder bag, a few accessories and your stylish spring look is complete!

Blouse: Rich & Royal
Trousers: Luisa Cerano
Belt & Earrings: Comma
Bag: Högl
Heels: Högl