Högl meets Bauhaus

Das Bauhaus - the most important art school of the 20th century

When artists and craftspeople share a vision, unique creations are born – and this goes for Högl too!


After an Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign steeped in cultural tradition, here at Högl, we’ve decided to jump forward in time to the modernist era to explore one of the most style-defining art movements of the last century.

The Bauhaus Building in Dessau by Walter Gropius

Bauhaus brought together fine art and crafts, as well as colours and forms in a unique way to usher in the timeless style of the modern era. All Bauhaus creations are distinguished by the quality of their design and their unique aesthetic. Since it was founded in 1919, this timeless movement has had an enduring influence on architecture, furniture design, painting and photography; even the world of fashion has revived its ethos time and time again. The designers at Högl were also inspired to experiment with colour and form, lines and textures, materials and contours, leading them to develop a collection for Spring/Summer 2020 that is brimming with timeless style elements. Three maxims guide Högl through the new season: Arts & Crafts, Colours & Forms, Quality & Function.

Arts & Crafts

When it was founded in 1919, the Bauhaus school in Weimar had the radical idea of combining fine art with crafts. Its founder, Walter Gropius, dreamt about creating a new form of architecture: Baukunst, or ‘Art of Building’ in German. Each workshop would be run by an artist and a craftsman, who would work on a project collectively – how revolutionary! What are the distinguishing characteristics of all Bauhaus objects? Each form closely follows its designated purpose, responding to its material properties and construction methods.

An impressive example of modern-day Bauhaus-style architecture is the Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing. Its simple and functional design achieves an impressive sense of harmony, complemented by the interplay between light and shadows.

So where does Högl come in? Each Högl shoe is a tangible fusion of fine art and craftsmanship. It is designed, constructed and hand-finished with passion, down to the smallest detail.

A Högl shoe can be made of up to 30 individual components. Once the design is complete, the technical construction of its constituent parts can begin.
As soon as the design, construction and choice of materials are finalised, the shoe goes into production. At Högl, we still work best by hand!

Colours & Forms

The Bauhaus artists were known as “masters of form”, even though each was accompanied by a master craftsman for the technical aspects of their work. In their view, the aesthetic and artistic expression of each work had to be informed by the product’s function. This requirement has not only had an enduring influence on architecture, furniture design, painting and photography, but even the world of fashion has revived its ethos time and time again. Experiments with colour and form, clean lines and geometric shapes are consciously carried out to achieve timeless style elements. In the current Högl Spring/Summer 2020 collection, clean lines, geometric forms and the playful use of strong, minimalist colour schemes all define the design of our new heels, sneakers, loafers and sandals.

The latest clean, sporty designs like Högl’s ATHLETIC sneaker come in natural and delicate sage.
Bloggers like missmondo style Högl’s new sneakers with a simple, linear silhouette, creating a look so modern it borders on futuristic, with bold accents of colour.

Quality & Function

The combination of fine art and craftsmanship results in a range of high-quality products with an elevated aesthetic. In 1933, Bauhaus creations were branded as ‘degenerate art’ and forbidden. The movement lived on, however, and today it is known around the world as a cornerstone of classical modernism’s avant-garde in every domain, from the fine and applied arts to architecture.
At Högl too, design meets quality. Högl shoes are go-to favourites. They are made from top-class materials, meet the highest standards of quality and you can be sure they’ll have a long, comfortable life.

Högl shoes also shine through their hidden assets. The PILLOW loafer is fitted with an ergonomic footbed, which includes foam cushioning in the forefoot area. Set a good example in these perfect fitting, softly padded shoes!