Elegant ballerinas and Högl in noble mission

To introduce the benefit concert „Opera Gala & Marco Tamayo“, an exclusive fashion show took place in the National Theater in Zagreb, which benefited the reconstruction of the Croatian Music Institute after the earthquake of 2020. Högl was one of the first to help the music institute and make donations for the reconstruction. Through this extraordinary fashion show, Högl was now able to support the oldest civic association and renowned music institution with another donation.

In the impressive theater foyer, guests experienced a unique show of music, dance and fashion design. Particularly impressive was the artful staging of Högl shoes, which gave the ballerinas‘ outfits a perfect finish. A successful symbiosis of creativity and aesthetics that enchanted all spectators.

The fashion show was performed by prominent HNK ballerinas Leda Šeparović, Rieka Suzuki, Lucija Radić and Cristiana Rotolo danced gracefully and inspiredly. The cellist Petra Kušan provided great musical accompaniment, and costume designer and stylist Barbara Repe Barbara Repe took care of the styling, and musicologist and Jana Haluza introduced the guests to the magic of music, dance and fashion.

Although only a small part of the Högl collection was presented, this was enough to cause enthusiasm among the guests, who enjoyed this extraordinary fashion show to the fullest.

A big thank you goes to Nataša Mesarić for the excellent organization of the event. On the picture we see her with fashion agent Tihana Harapin Zalepugin and Helena Beham, representative of Högl. Helena Beham, Retail Marketing Coordinator, and Retail Manager Dževad Halilović traveled from Austria to participate in this special event. Together with Store Manager Sanja Faber, they warmly welcomed the guests. We would also like to express our gratitude to the President of the Croatian Music Institute, Romana Matanovac Vučković.