Our success story began in 1935, with a small shoe workshop in the heart of the Innviertel region, near Schärding in Upper Austria. ‘Small but refined’ was Josef HÖGL’s motto as he started his career as a shoemaker.

Driven by a pioneering spirit and determination, he founded a company that for 80 years has grown over the generations to inspire women with its high-quality and fashionable shoes. Time-honoured tradition, innovative craftsmanship and pure passion are the key ingredients for success, qualities that continue to characterise HÖGL - one of the most popular women's shoe brands in Europe - to this day.

HÖGL, along with comfort shoe brands GANTER and HASSIA, has since been incorporated as a subsidiary of the family-owned LORENZ Shoe Group GmbH. Principal owner Joseph Lorenz, his son Patrick Lorenz and co-owner Gerhard Bachmaier place the greatest value on the fact that HÖGL has remained in family hands since it was founded.
The firm’s continuing globalisation and expansion of export markets in Europe and Russia can be attributed to the visionary thinking and entrepreneurial spirit of Joseph Lorenz.

We want to constantly develop ourselves and the HÖGL brand, to keep in tune with the times and also ensure we remain close to our customers. How can we do this? Through innovation and continuous expansion. That is why we have taken major decisions in recent years:

•    Over 120 HÖGL stores opened
•    in more than 40 markets 
•    with 13 independent subsidiaries in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and China 

At the same time, we have further expanded our high-end footwear and textile retail trade, especially in Europe. More than 3,000 retail partners worldwide sell quality shoes made by HÖGL. 

And we can look forward to a bright future, supported by a dedicated, international team with the vision to be the most cutting-edge global premium brand for high-quality shoes for women.