Feel good and look good at home

Change out of your pyjamas!

We’re staying at home. Keeping indoors every day has its challenges, but this feel-good look (bold with colour, but oh-so-easy) is just what the doctor ordered.
Many people are having to work from home at the moment. At first, this sounds like a cosy dream come true; admit it, you’ve been tempted to spend all day in your pyjamas or jogging bottoms. Studies have shown, however, that you’re more productive when you dress as if you were heading out to work. Swapping pyjamas or a tracksuit for an uncomplicated feelgood look is enough of a change to help you consciously separate work and home life. At the same time, you’ll be well prepared in case you need to pop to the post office, make a quick trip to the supermarket, or take a short walk with the family.
Our home office look is comfortable, but still stylish. It consists of four basic pieces that every woman will have in her wardrobe: jeans, a T-shirt, a cardigan and sneakers. That said, we’re deliberately going for colour! The long, mustard-yellow cardigan will bring springtime accents into your home. These Högl multicoloured GLANCE sneakers with their graphic print will bring you good vibes all the way down to your feet if you need to nip out for some errands.
Don’t keep your feel for style in lockdown; let spring into your wardrobe!

Jeans: Rich & Royal
T-shirt: Luisa Cerano
Cardigan: Comma
Sneakers: Högl