Stay dry with GORE-TEX®

GORE-TEX® transforms our models "Raindrop", "Splish", "Splash" and "Wanda" into a stylish combination of fashion, function and comfort.

Our sustainable sneakers "Wanda" are right on trend and extremely comfortable too. Thanks to the GORE-TEX® lining, you'll stay dry while strolling around town or the countryside, even if the weather does not cooperate.

The spacey "Raindrop" slip-on sneakers are not only mega trendy in their reduced design, because GORE-TEX® also gives them waterrepellent properties and the voluminous sole does everything anyway.

The processed GORE-TEX® membrane of our "Splish" ankle boots and the robust sole ensure that you reach your destination dry. The tonal material mix and colour contrast define the minimalist design of the hybrid boots.

Our minimalist and elegant knee-high boots "Splash" follow the trend and are a perfect alternative to rustic wellingtons. With these boots, you can trudge through rain puddles with confidence. GORE-TEX® and the thick platform sole make it possible.

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