Coats, boots and knits - a sign that fall is here again. Sustainability, especially in the sense of longevity, has secured its status in the fashion world as a quality not to be discussed. With it, the desire for designs that inspire across seasons for a long time is getting louder. It is no longer about following fast-moving trends. Instead, we have a responsibility to make creations in high-quality materials and cuts that meet current trends while outlasting them. True to the motto „Smart Simplicity“.

This fall and winter season, time-honored classics are making a comeback. Suits, blazers and maxi skirts are in high demand again and are becoming perfect companions for the office and leisure time. The colour palette is very neutral in beige, butter, cream, white but also black. Their modern naturalness brings out the expressive silhouettes even more. In addition, leather shows itself stronger than ever, whether in the form of coats or boots. True to the motto „Silent Luxury“, the combination of elegance and minimalism is highlighted above all, which also underlines the durability of the styles.

The same principles also apply to shoes and accessories. Restrained jewellery and high-quality leather play an important role in giving every outfit that certain something. Oversized trench coats as well as biker and western boots are indispensable this season. XXL shoppers will become an essential statement that must not be missing from your closet.

Reduced design with the highest quality. Under the motto „less and better“: simple shapes and high-quality fabrics. The new styles reflect the return to urban lifestyle. Combine with your outfit subtle details in the form of accessories that are simple and refined at the same time. Elegant city ankle boots, timeless Chelsea boots and smart loafers add a special touch to your style.

In line with the philosophy „Make more with less“, sustainability, durability, function and style combine to form a harmonious whole. Natural materials like wool come to the fore this season. Particularly popular: double knitting - a layering of knits that can be styled creatively while keeping you cozy and warm.

Strong but never obtrusive. Thus, black presents itself as one of the key colours of the season. In addition, intense, nocturnal colours like purple and navy make for elegant styles. On the other hand, calm, harmonious tones in cappuccino, stone, porcelain and dark taupe create a soft play of colours in combination with the trend colour powder. Special highlight evening colours of the season are Royal and Fuchsia as well as Cabernet. The focus is on durable materials. Like the high-quality leathers: „Brush“, a brushed leather, and „Specchio“, a calfskin with an almost mirror-like surface. This allows exciting matte-gloss contrast to be created, giving every outfit an unique look.

Smart, timeless designs are juxtaposed with eye-catching, glamorous looks. Metallic shaed are also asserting themselves as a fashion favourite this season. How can you combine the metallic pieces for everyday wear? The best way is with casual knits and denim. A play of wide and tight silhouettes makes for exciting looks. Combine maxi skirts that reach down to the floor as a contrast to fitted long blazers and crop tops.

To sum up, the fashion trends for fall/winter 2023 focus on sustainability, elegance and durability. Metallic shades bring glamour to the winter wardrobe, while natural materials and a colour palette ranging from black to calm cream tones dominate.

In a world increasingly characterized by diversity and individuality, it is time to go your own way. The sleek shoes and colours in the upcoming season serve as a canvas for your own personality. They are the perfect complement to focus on the essentials: a woman‘s charisma and empowerment. The designs may seem understated at first glance, but in truth, they bring out a women‘s true glow.

Be bold, be glamorous, just be yourself - and all according to the motto: