Environmental awareness starts with selecting the right materials. That’s why we search tirelessly for innovative textiles and leathers, always scrutinising production processes to evaluate how efficiently they use resources. First and foremost, we’re interested in what happens when a shoe reaches the end of its life. That’s because production processes that harm the environment, growing mountains of waste and substances that do not biodegrade easily are definitely not part of our philosophy. Slow fashion is our mantra: we are all about high quality, durable products and respect for the environment.

No surprise then that the wide variety of materials we use includes one of the most sustainable fibres currently processed in the textile industry: ECONYL® nylon.
Italian company Aquafil developed this 100% recycled nylon fibre around ten years ago, starting a new green trend.
Instead of the crude oil traditionally required to produce nylon, waste including used fishing nets, old carpets and industrial waste is transformed into ECONYL® fibre-based fabric using a specially developed process driven by renewable energies. This regenerated nylon can then be recycled and reused an infinite number of times.


1. Rescue

The ECONYL® regeneration system starts with rescuing waste from all over the world. This ranges from discarded carpets and waste from industrial processes through to fishing nets, including ones that have been retrieved from the sea by volunteer divers as part of the “Healthy Seas” initiative.

2. Regenerate

The nylon waste is recycled back to its original purity using a chemical regeneration and purification process. That means ECONYL® nylon is exactly the same as pure, conventionally produced nylon.



3. Remake

The regenerated nylon is processed into yarn for the carpet and textile industry.

4. Reimagine

Carpet manufacturers and fashion brands like HÖGL then use it to make new, environmentally friendly products. We have set ourselves the goal of replacing conventionally produced nylon with ECONYL® fibre-based fabric in our products, playing our part in creating a closed loop economy.

What makes ECONYL® yarn so sustainable? Sustainability is showcased in a number of ways when working with ECONYL® nylon, starting with its innovative solution for reducing and further processing waste.
Added to this is the fact that ECONYL® regenerated nylon contributes to a more climate-friendly footprint. Recycling nylon to produce this sustainable material reduces the impact of nylon on global warming by 90% in comparison with the fossil-based material.
In terms of quality, ECONYL® fibre-based fabric is in no way inferior to conventional nylon. Even better, ECONYL® yarn can be recycled and reformed over and again, without any loss of quality. And that’s exactly what this is all about: making new products without using new resources. Closing the loop and literally creating a sustainable industry.

Fashion has the power to change the world

Many luxury brands are now turning to this product, as the fashion industry is increasingly demonstrating its green transformation through its adoption of waste-based materials and resource-friendly production. In line with our own commitment to creating a more sustainable industry, we also use ECONYL® regenerated nylon as an upper material in our HÖGLVISION shoes, alongside leather that has been awarded a Gold rating by the Leather Working Group. Launched in spring 2021, this collection links Austrian craftsmanship and innovation with sustainability and respect for the environment – in its own distinctive way. We combine innovative design and contemporary trends with resource-friendly production methods and environmentally friendly materials to meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality and comfort.

Ultimately though, sustainability is a never-ending process, so we are constantly on the lookout for new materials and production processes that meet our sustainability requirements. After all, we have a vision: together for our planet. That is our promise to you.