It's detox time - a “spring clean” for your body

Regardless of whether it’s Lent, many people use this time of year to do something good for their body. They detox, which means deliberately eliminating something from their life to rid their body of toxins. This could be any number of things – coffee, chocolate, alcohol or even your mobile phone and/or computer. A detox can be anything that will do your body good and provide it with renewed energy. One popular detox method is drinking smoothies or going on a juice diet. Green smoothies are the best choice to ensure the detoxification process is truly regenerative and effective. What makes them so healthy is the high density of nutrients. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and filling dietary fibre, while still being relatively low in calories. Here’s a recipe for you to try for a detox smoothie that’s quick to make and tastes simply delicious:

Detox smoothie recipe – a classic green smoothie that contains all of the key nutrients:


For 4 people, you’ll need:

100 g blueberries
80 g baby spinach
4 lettuce leaves
2 kohlrabi leaves
1 cm piece of ginger
1 apple
½ litre of still water


What you need to do:


Wash and drain the fruit and vegetables thoroughly. Remove the core of the apple and chop the remaining fruit into small pieces. Wash the ginger thoroughly as well and then cut it into very small pieces, including the skin. Blend the blueberries and the apple first and then add the baby spinach, lettuce and kohlrabi leaves. Add the ginger at the end and then pour in the water. Blend everything together on the highest speed for three minutes, pour into glasses and serve immediately.

It doesn’t get much quicker, healthier or more delicious than that! Of course, if you ever fancy a change, you can vary the ingredients however you like – let your creativity run wild! You can follow a smoothie/juice diet for up to seven days, depending on what is best for your mind and body. The key thing is to make sure you drink enough – 2.5 to 3 litres of water and unsweetened tea are best and will flush all of the toxins out of your body. One great side-effect is that the pounds will also just drop off you, giving you the perfect start to the summer and making detoxing even easier.