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Creative Delicacies from Schärding

An interview with the award-winning chef Lukas Kienbauer

Not only did the Högl team have to do without their favorite Lukas restaurant in Schärding for a long time, the restrictions also posed a challenge for the catering trade itself. But now the time has come again: Lukas Kienbauer can once again serve his regional culinary delights to his guests.


The award-winning chef Lukas Kienbauer stands for creative, regional cuisine with his two restaurants in Schärding ‚Lukas‘ and Lukas Steak‘ . Both restaurants are a popular after-work location for Högl employees. As a result, we can hardly wait until Friday and Lukas is allowed to open his gates again. Full of curiosity about how he used the time in quarantine and what awaits us now in his two restaurants, we asked him for an interview. He tells us which ingredients should never be missing and what his favorite favorite dish is.

© Lukas Kienbauer
© Lukas Kienbauer

Since when do you run your two restaurants in Schärding?

The main restaurant ‚Lukas‘ since March 2016, the ‚Lukas Steak‘ restaurant since August 2018.


In your restaurant ‚Lukas‘ you do without a traditional menu. How did you come up with the idea for this concept?

It is important to me that the guests can relax with us and enjoy a nice evening. For me, that also includes a certain surprise. Let our guests get involved in new things. Allergies are, of course, determined and taken into account in advance.

Another point is that we can be more flexible, as we are not dependent on certain products.

For instance, if there is no trout today that meets our quality standards, we will not buy it. Then we will cook something else instead.

If we get animals as a whole and thus process everything, we cannot serve the same part every day. Then there is, for instance, once a braised shoulder, the next day the back and the offal, the next day the haunch and so on.

© Lukas Kienbauer

Which products do you prefer to cook with?


Are you inspired by certain countries for your cuisine?

On the one hand, by our nature and the seasons, but I have a great fondness for Asian cuisine.

Do you try out new dishes together with your team or do you stand at the stove alone?

Our dishes are usually created in teamwork. Everyone brings forward new ideas, expresses his point of view or utters criticism. In my opinion, this is the most effective way to make progress.

When did you discover your passion for cooking?

I grew up in an inn, so very early. Temporarily, I wanted to do something else. But at the age of 13 or 14 it was clear to me!

What is your personal favourite dish?

Duck with red cabbage and napkin dumplings.

Which ingredient do you always have with you? What can you personally not do without?

Dairy products and spices.

Do you have tips for hobby chefs on how to prepare gourmet dishes by themselves at home?

Buying the best possible quality, not too many components, focussing on the essentials and making that perfect. Here often less is more!
Product quality, cooking levels, taste and spice. These are the most important factors.
Not to put as many pretty things on the plate as possible, which are then not perfect.

How do you spend your time in quarantine?

Further education, developing new dishes, reading a lot.

Do you already know which dish you want to cook first when you are open again?

The menu for ‚Lukas Steak‘ has just been completed, the menu for the main restaurant ‚Lukas‘ is still in the works.

© Lukas Kienbauer

What do you want to do first when you are open again, e.g. a specific event?

We are already planning a few events, more details can be found on our website: or

Do you have any tips on how to support local restaurants at the moment? How can we support the ‚Lukas‘ restaurant directly (vouchers etc.)?

Voucher purchases are of course a great instant support. With us, that is also possible through online forms on our websites.
After that, simply visit the restaurants, inns and cafes again! I think everybody misses that anyway. We would be delighted about numerous visits.

From May 15th both restaurants are open again from Wednesday to Saturday.

Further event dates will follow.


In order to shorten the waiting time until Friday, Lukas has provided you with a recipe that you can cook at home.

White Chocolate.Nettle

© Lukas Kienbauer


For 4 people:

Chocolate espuma:
200 g milk
20 g honey
150 g white chocolate
80 g cream

Boil milk with honey, remove from the heat, then stir in the chocolate. Finally add the cream, fill into a cream siphon (iSi) and, depending on the desired consistency, twist in one or two cream capsules, then cool.

Baked white chocolate:
100 g white chocolate

Chop the chocolate coarsely, place on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake in the oven at 160°C for 5-10 minutes, until the chocolate caramelises.

Nettle granité (sorbet):
100 g nettles
200 g water
1 lemon
60 g sugar

Blanch nettles and cool in ice water. Mix finely with the remaining ingredients, strain and freeze in a flat container. As soon as the mixture is frozen, scrape with a fork to create fine granité.

To serve:
Flowers and herbs

Inject the chocolate espuma into a small bowl and cover with granité. Crumble the baked chocolate over it and garnish with flowers and herbs.

We hope you enjoy cooking and enjoy your meal!

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