What goes better with the cozy warm days of fall than a city brunch followed by a shopping trip? That‘s why our store managers have put together their personal favorite addresses for unforgettable taste experiences at a brunch near our Högl stores.

Valentina, Högl Store Breuningerland in Sindelfingen

„ARAN Café“ in Breuningerland
From the bottom of my heart I recommend the „ARAN Café“! This place simply has everything a connoisseur‘s heart desires. The selection of delicious food and drinks is almost endless, and the atmosphere is so cozy that you immediately feel at home. Whether you want to enjoy an extended breakfast or are simply looking for a cup of first-class coffee - you will find it at the „ARAN Café“. The attention to detail and the passion for good food and drink are really noticeable here. A visit is definitely worthwhile - you will be thrilled!

Högl Store Altmarkt Galerie in Dresden

Restaurant „Anna“ in Dresden Castle
I recommend a visit to the restaurant „Anna“ in the castle of Dresden. There you can expect a first-class brunch in a historical ambience. The combination of culinary pleasure and cultural atmosphere, the architectural details and the view of the castle gardens create a unique experience. The brunch offers a wide range of delicious dishes. A visit to the „Anna“ is definitely worthwhile..

Valerie, Högl Store Herrengasse in Graz

I would like to warmly recommend the „Klyo“ in Graz. This modern and inviting café-restaurant is especially known for its delicious brunch. The stylish and contemporary interior
creates an extremely pleasant atmosphere, perfect for both relaxed weekend brunches and social gatherings with friends. The diverse menu offers a wide range from classic breakfast options to modern creations that will surely appeal to your culinary preferences. A visit to „Klyo“ is an excellent choice for a first-class brunch experience in Graz.

Margarita, Högl Store Sofia Serdika Center in Sofia

„The Old Lady“
If you are looking for a place where pleasure and creativity go hand in hand, then „The Old Lady“ is definitely a must. From egg dishes to avocado toasts, you will find a wide range of specialties here. Together with Dabov Specialty Coffee, a unique coffee blend has been created. A perfect stop for coffee lovers.

Zsanett, Högl Store Arena Plaza in Budapest

„Mon Chéri Coffee“ Budapest
The brunch selection at „Mon Chéri Coffee“ includes a wide range of delicious options. From hearty egg dishes to fresh sandwiches and healthy cereal bowls, there‘s something for everyone. With great attention to detail and an inviting atmosphere, guests can enjoy a relaxed brunch here.

Erika, Högl Store Andrassy in Budapest

The „Ritz-Carlton“
I can highly recommend the „Ritz-Carlton Hotel“ on Andrassy Avenue. Here you can enjoy timeless elegance in a luxurious atmosphere. If you are looking for a great brunch, this hotel is the right choice. The chefs at the „Ritz-Carlton“ are true artists, known for their creativity and love of high-quality ingredients. At brunch, you can look forward to a mix of traditional Hungarian specialties and international delicacies. It will definitely exceed your expectations.

Katarina, Högl Store Aupark in Bratislava

„La Crema“ Aupark
If you are looking for a stylish café and restaurant where you can have a first-class brunch, „La Crema“ is the place for you. The café is located in the Aupark shopping center in Bratislava. Brunch at „La Crema“ Aupark offers a diverse range of delicacies that appeal to both savory and sweet tastes.

Högl Store Mariahilferstraße in Vienna

The „Verde“ brunch restaurant in Vienna is a popular spot for those seeking a delicious and varied selection of dishes in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant skillfully combines modern aesthetics with culinary creativity to offer guests a unique brunch experience. The décor of the „Verde“ restaurant is often inspired by nature and greenery, creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere.


Högl Store Am Graben in Vienna

„Brasserie & Bakery“ at The Guest House.
If you're looking for a great breakfast brunch, this is the place to go. The best part? Breakfast is served here all day long! The selection of food is truly impressive. From classic favorites like Egg Benedict & Florentine to made-to-order breakfast packages, there's something for everyone. And for those who prefer a healthy start to the day, there's a selection of crunchy alternatives.

Sanja, Högl Store Ilica, Högl Store Westgate in Zagreb

„Broom 44“
One of my favorite brunch spots is „Broom 44“. Every weekend, the cafe transforms into an oasis of indulgence while serving a wide range of delicious food, from savory options to sweet treats. Brunch features fresh ingredients, creative dishes and meticulous preparation. Whether you‘re a fan of hearty omelets, freshly baked bread, healthy salads or tempting desserts, you‘re sure to find something to your liking here.

Högl Store Galerija Centrs in Riga

„Caffeine LV“
Visit my brunch recommendation „Caffeine LV“. It is a popular cafe in Riga, known for its quality coffee drinks, relaxed atmosphere and culinary offerings. This cafe is a place where coffee lovers can get their money‘s worth and indulge in a cozy environment.


Högl Store Spice in Riga

„Costa Coffee“
Personally, I can highly recommend „Costa Coffee“. This coffee shop is famous for its delicious coffee drinks, from classic espresso to creative latte creations. The baristas always use high-quality coffee beans to maximize the flavor and aroma. In addition to the excellent coffee options, „Costa Coffee“ often offers a tempting selection of snacks, sandwiches, pastries and desserts.

Högl Store Chodov Centrum in Prague

„Mondieu Chodov“
Strengthen yourselves before the attendance with me in the Högl Store nevertheless in
the „Mondieu Chodov“. Here you will find a wide selection of food. Enjoy your brunch in a modern ambience in the „Chodov“ shopping center.


Högl Store Na Prikope in Prague

I would like to highly recommend the „CafeCafe“ in Prague. This cafe is popular with locals and tourists alike and offers a delicious brunch experience. The charming atmosphere, diverse menu and combination of traditional and modern dishes make this cafe a special place to start your day with pleasant company and delicious food. A visit to the „CafeCafe“ will surely become an unforgettable culinary experience in the Czech Republic.