Shoulder bags


The shoulder bag is one of the most popular women's bag models.

Thanks to the long shoulder strap, it can be conveniently hung over the shoulder.

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Shoulder bags for women – loyal everyday companions

Shoulder bags are among the most popular types of women's handbags. Thanks to their long strap, they can be carried comfortably on your shoulder, whether duffle bag, chain bag, small or large shoulder bag. Women who opt for a shoulder bag have their hands free and can move freely with the bag dangling from their shoulder. Shoulder bags are therefore a popular choice as everyday companions, the roomier the better. A shoulder bag offers enough room for everything women need to have handy throughout the day. Duffle bags or the larger shoulder bag versions can even hold small grocery items. There are almost no limits when it comes to the variety of shoulder bag shapes and colours. Shoulder bags made of leather with a sexy embossed crocodile pattern look particularly exclusive in nut and creme shades. Shoulder bags are characterised by their long shoulder strap. Some designs come with an additional handle. Högl's leather shoulder bags, like the duffle bags, for example, all feature shoulder straps whose length can be adjusted. Högl's duffle bags can therefore be adapted to the respective wearer's preferences.

What is a cross-body bag?

A cross-body bag is a shoulder bag that is carried diagonally across the top of your body. Business women, fashionistas and even elegant sophisticated women carry their leather shoulder bags diagonally across their chest. This new trend has launched a casual style that has also been adopted in the classic collections. In practice, a cross-body bag is not only extremely fashionable; if a shoulder bag is worn as a cross-body bag, it is closer to your body, cannot slip off your shoulder and is therefore also more difficult for thieves to reach. Not all shoulder bags can also be worn as a cross-body bag. However, the new cross-body bags made out of soft leather are very suitable. Högl's small shoulder and chain bags are extremely popular choices if the bag is to be worn across the body. As the name suggests, a chain bag is a shoulder bag with a chain that serves as a strap. They look extremely decorative and visually upgrade your outfit. Most of Högl's shoulder bags can be worn as cross-body bags or carried in the classic way.

What shoulder bag types are trendy in 2022?

In the shoulder bag area, the cross-body bag style is the most prevalent. Trendsetters also like to wear several bags across their body together. They combine Högl's mini bags and Högl shoulder bags in different sizes with each other. If the strap of a shoulder bag is too long and does not feature any adjustment options, modern women simply tie a knot into the strap to adjust it to the required length.Small shoulder bags with precious metal finishes are arousing the interest of fashion-conscious women, as well as functional calfskin crossbody bags. Classic pouch bags in the colours of ecru, almond and banana can bring a touch of summer to a look, while elegant leather shoulder bags in the colours of ‘lightjeans’ and ‘light taupe’ are also setting trends in 2022.