Pouch bags

Pouch bags are timeless accessories for everyday looks. Premium materials ensure bucket bag and hobo bag designs become style icons.

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Women love the pouch bag and consider it a stylish classic

Some bag trends may come as a surprise, but not pouch bags - they keep wowing women season after season. The simple, classic design and generous storage space have raised the pouch bag to the status of style icon. It never fails to impress as a casual accessory and is also a prime illustration of the slow fashion movement. For women, the pouch bag is a versatile all-rounder. These large bags are just as practical for taking to the office as they are for a shopping trip, meal out at a restaurant or for on your travels.

Discerning women choose a leather pouch bag by Högl

Women who want to add an exclusive bag with timeless charm to their collection buy a high-quality leather pouch bag from Högl. That’s because the leather’s gathered effect is showcased particularly well on its bucket bags and hobo bags. For Högl, a traditional Austrian manufacturer, selecting the right leather for its pouch bags is a top priority, as this forms the basis for classic bags that are more that just a passing fashion trend. Soft Cervocalf leather and decorative stitching emphasise the exclusivity of the latest designs. Their features, handle and adjustable strap will inspire creative styling to suit any mood. When carried in the hand, the pouch bag’s feminine spirit is clear to see. If worn across the body using the long belt strap, it becomes a more casual companion.

What are bucket bags and hobo bags?

These are the names for two classic versions of the pouch bag. Bucket bags have a round shape with a firm base. The top is pulled closed using a drawstring. A hobo bag is a crescent-shaped shoulder bag made from soft leather. The first version was created in the 1950s by a now extremely popular Italian fashion house. Jackie Kennedy, the former First Lady of the USA and fashion icon for many women, loved the hobo bag. Pouch bags have fascinated women around the world ever since. These large bags have a timeless charm and they will add a touch of sophistication to both business outfits or more casual leisure looks.