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Clutch bags – elegant evening bags and stylish everyday companions

Clutch bags are small and do not have handles, which makes them an elegant companion. You can simply tuck a clutch bag under your arm or hold it in one hand, or clutch it with both hands. Elegant women and trendsetters appreciate the advantages offered by a clutch bag, which can be used not only as an evening bag. Clutch bags perfectly complete stylish outfits and go beautifully with shift dresses, suits and trouser suits. Depending on the outfit style, a small plain black clutch, or a patent or embossed leather clutch, can also go well with a casual outfit. The general rule is: the later the evening occasion, the smaller your handbag should be. The material and colour of your small handbag should match your outfit. However, you can also use an unusual clutch bag like a red patent leather clutch for a contrasting accent. A well-coordinated footwear and handbag combination will upgrade your entire outfit. Högl's clutch bags perfectly match the Högl shoe designs and are stylish accessories. Depending on the design, they can also serve as a cleverly chosen eye-catcher.


HÖGL clutch bags/evening bags and footwear in identical designs

The choice of bag and shoes is a matter of personal taste and also depends on the occasion. This season, there is plenty of scope for using both to inject your own personality into your outfit. Style breaks are trendy, also when it comes to the choice of clutch or evening bag. According to the fashion stylists, at least two colour, material and type style elements should be repeated to perfect the outfit. With coordinated collections, HÖGL creates the perfect conditions for a successful look. HÖGL manufactures its clutch bags from the same materials as its shoes and in the same colours. HÖGL's shoe collections are complemented by trendy embossed, smooth and patent leather clutch bags decorated with identical trimmings.

Which clutch bags are trendiest in the spring/summer of 2021?

This season, fashion-conscious women carry clutch bags made of soft lamb leather that is smooth or softly padded. With regard to the clutch bag shapes, the Högl designers have opted for clarity, understatement and geometry. The understated suede clutch in creme, cashmere, black and white is a versatile combination partner both as an evening bag as well as an everyday companion. With the minimalist, simple clutch in soft shades, you'll successfully attract attention at any time of day. HÖGL's clutch bags are not only smart, trendy and fashionable: thanks to their removable straps, these clutches are also incredibly practical. At a stand up reception, a HÖGL clutch bag will leave your hands free for canapés and champagne.

HÖGL clutch bags/evening bags with a decorative safety clasp

Lipstick, keys and everything else a woman needs can be safely stored in a HÖGL clutch bag with a reliable magnetic clasp or twist-lock zip. The decorative zip with the HÖGL logo can't be opened inadvertently. With a HÖGL clutch bag, you'll be perfectly equipped when you go out for lunch or dinner, dancing or on a romantic date. By the way, the stylish way to keep your clutch bag handy is to slide it between the back of the chair and your back, or place it to your right on the chair next to you.