The Architecture of Shoes

Högl meets Bauhaus

Every Högl shoe is a tangible fusion of fine art and craftsmanship: it is designed, constructed and hand-finished with passion.


Upon first glance you’d easily be forgiven for thinking that the humble shoe, although beautiful, has very little in common with the arts and architecture, and in particular, with modernist movements such as the Bauhaus style, developed by Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe! But dig a little deeper and you’ll find fundamental parallels running through the very heart of both, unexpectedly uniting them in form and function.

Shortstoriesandskirts went to Munich's Academy of Fine Arts to shoot these pictures, characterized by minimalism, linearity and unmistakable aesthetics.

Take the initial conception of a Högl shoe and a building, for example. Both begin their life as an idea, be it by one of Högl’s top-class shoe designers, or an architect sat at their easel. But this is just the beginning, because in both cases the initial idea must pass through several stages of development before the final product comes to fruition and - in this case - our feet! The concept starts the ball rolling, but design and practicality create the momentum. An entire process is undertaken involving mathematics and science, logic, feasibility and safety. Just as with footwear, a building’s practicality is as important, if not more so, than its design.

Finding the right material is key to turning a design idea into reality. Every Högl shoe is characterized by unique, high-quality materials.

Bauhaus also gave priority to the idea of minimalism, with a preference for linear and geometric styles: a simple elegance you’ll find throughout Högl’s affordable collections. A particular emphasis upon craftsmanship, and the use of appropriate materials, was also key. Both can be readily seen in the Högl brand, and in the form of their quality fabrics, and luxurious leathers, combined with tasteful design and muted modern colour palettes. The shoes are quite simply an art form of their own. They are a fusion of the arts and crafts, harmoniously incorporating ingenious design: nothing short of hard work!

“The shoes are quite simply an art form of their own; they are a fusion of the arts and crafts, harmoniously incorporating ingenious design: nothing short of hard work!”

Just like Bauhaus designs, Högl shoes are durable classics made to last. They accompany us throughout our lives, perfect for all ages and occasions, much like a Bauhaus building that universally caters for all. They’re an inclusive company with a range that reflects this.

This moment captures a play of form and function, colours and shapes, light and shadow.

All these fantastic reasons are exactly why I opted for these new Högl COOKY mules when putting this outfit together. I teamed this simple yet striking woven shoe in a soft earthy tone with a geometric and graphic cream-coloured combo. The shoes create the perfect minimalist statement by complimenting and enhancing the outfit without overshadowing it. The slides’ comfort, along with the medium heel for that added bit of extra height, are always a bonus too, and something the Bauhaus founders would no doubt approve of!

This Högl COOKY mule is made of woven material and stands out thanks to its curved, geometric heel.
Our fashion blogger shortstoriesandkirts combines the mule with natural shades. The clean look is particularly feminine and graceful.

So next time we put on a pair of shoes, let’s just take a moment to think of all the work that went into them, their timeless quality, durability, colours and shapes and even the many people who helped with their design. Let’s respect the process they followed, because it really is such an impressive and expressive everyday form of art!