Promotion "Favourite Shoe"

Promotion winner designs own Högl shoe


The Högl team has chosen the winner of the “Favourite Shoe“ promotion. She visited us in our headquarters in Taufkirchen/Pram and had the chance to be there live at the creation of her unique model.  

Among all the beautiful and special ideas and sketches, that reached us during the “Favourite Shoe” contest via social media or participation card in our stores, one model has stood out. Winner Pamela Hamedinger described her design in a Facebook comment as follows:

“A mule based on the model ARIA, combined with snake-leather, black and white and a pure knot detail, as a must-have of the summer!“.

Having been selected by our Head of Design Jörg Reichelt, we invited Mrs. Hamedinger to our headquarters in Taufkirchen/Pram, so that she can be there live when her design becomes reality step-by-step. With a lot of craftsmanship, passion and attention to detail, our production team has created a unique model for her.


“I came up with the idea for the shoe, while I was wrapping a gift” a“I came up with the idea for the shoe, while I was wrapping a gift. When knotting the ribbon, I thought that would also be a sophisticated way to tie the straps of a sandal!”, so the teacher from Austria.

During the Corona lockdown, she finally took the time to put her idea on paper. However, she did not expect to win with her sketch, as she confesses to us, while watching how the leather straps are sewn and the sole of the mule is attached by hand.

After the insole has been inserted and the leather polished, general tension arises among our team and Mrs. Hamedinger: Does the unique model fit well? Full of anticipation, our winner slips into her extravagant single piece and finally the relief. . . The shoe fits like a glove!

Together with our “guest designer”, we are proud of the outstanding result: an elegant, feminine mule with details in snake optics and refined knotted leather straps.
”We could actually incorporate this model into our upcoming S/S 2021 collection”, smiles our head designer Jörg Reichelt, while we say goodbye to Mrs. Hamedinger and send her to the Lachinger’s restaurant in Schärding, where she will end the day with her companionship. She will of course keep on her new, individual favourite shoe during dinner.