Passion & Progressive Spirit

In the course of our new fall/winter newspaper we asked our

CEO Dr. Gerhard Bachmaier 5 quick questions.

You've been leading Högl for over 20 years. How do you make the leap from "shoemaker" to global player?

I think this kind of success story is only possible if you stay true to yourself, keep evolving and have a huge passion for traditional shoemaking. With our 88 years of experience, we meet all these requirements. Our employees are the heart and soul of the brand. It's thanks to their passion and commitment that we have been able to overcome all sorts of challenges along the way and emerge from them even stronger. Fact is that we simply love making beautiful shoes and delighting our customers.

“A woman can never have too many shoes.” We all know the quote. But even if women love shoes, they often look good without being especially comfortable. You show that it doesn’t need to be that way. What sets you apart from other brands?

We see each shoe as a total work of art that combines aesthetic appeal and wearing comfort. Attention to detail is key. It’s all about ensuring we have the right materials, perfect craftsmanship, new ideas, innovative production methods, and manufacturing in Europe. We work tirelessly on every single design until it matches our requirements in terms of fit and wearing comfort.

That sounds like a level of expectation you’d normally associate with couture fashion. Would you describe Högl as a kind of ‘affordable luxury’?

Yes, but it is much more than that. We don't strictly follow trends. Instead, we're committed to creating fashion with longevity, ensuring sustainability, tapping into the zeitgeist and showcasing individuality. This is modern luxury with a slow fashion ethos. Our collection are suitable for everyday use, in any setting. The core idea behind the new collection is that it embodies a strong attitude.

Is it about empowerment for you? About positivity? About making a strong fashion statement, or demonstrating your sense of responsibility?

Actually, it’s all those things and more. Being able to look to the future with boldness and positivity is essential in these times, but you can only do it with the right mindset. We appeal to women’s strength, their self-assurance, their power to make a difference, their empathy, their innate leadership qualities, and their ability to fine-tune their own style and really make a statement. When you look at it that way, our collections are a means of self-actualization. We’re proud of the women who express their attitude with Högl.

How would you describe the Högl woman?

She is conscious of her individual beauty, she is her own role model. She is committed to helping her community and working towards a world, where there is fairness and justice. She strives for peace, freedom and diversity.