Since 1935, Högl has been making shoe dreams come true.
What began as a small company is today one of the largest European manufacturers of women’s shoes.
The name Högl is internationally synonymous with outstanding quality and a keen fashion sense.
The key to our success is the passion and dedication of every one of our employees and the understanding of the management around CEO Gerhard Bachmaier that perfection can only be achieved with passion, that true values arise from traditions and that entrepreneurial foresight and visionary innovations are the force behind constant further development.

"For decades and each day anew, we have
been creating and producing
fashionable, comfortable women's shoes
with great passion. Högl's milestones of
success have been, and are, only possible
thanks to the motivated and tireless
commitment of all our employees
around the globe who carry Högl in
their hearts.

CEO Gerhard Bachmaier