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Our 4 favorites for packaging that nature and your loved ones will be happy about

Wrap gifts sustainably

Every year ... you can find artistic gifts wrapped in shimmering foil under the Christmas tree. Because let's be honest, we all love to receive an artfully wrapped gift with a striking bow and festive paper. But it is precisely these expensive papers or foils that are often not recyclable and contribute to global climate change.

Hiking in the snow: feel the winter sunshine with all your senses

Austria's winter wonderland

The crunch of snow under your feet, the wonderfully crisp winter air on your face, peace and quiet and beautiful nature. In times when going skiing has become a challenge, we need to find alternatives. We’d like to introduce you to the best winter activities in and around Austria, because exercising in the fresh air can free the body and the mind.

Recipes for a three-course Christmas menu

As restaurants are still closed at the moment, we’re trying to put together our own special Christmas menu to brighten up the holiday season, even if we won’t have our usual Christmas markets, parties or other festivities.

Homage to Empress Sisi and Franz: our favourite recipe for Austrian Kaiserschmarrn

Sweet dreams from Schärding in Austria

This year on Austrian National Day, the Högl team will be swapping the office for the kitchen and having a go at making the imperial dessert named after Empress Sisi’s husband Franz Josef I.

A spirited woman with a life full of misfortune

Romy Schneider –stunning, sensual, sensitive

With her beauty and talent, she touched the whole world. Romy Schneider went down in film history as a feminine style icon, but her professional success contrasted with repeated set-backs in her private life.

Women who changed the world - and inspired Högl

Feminine style icons of the 70s

It’s the influential personalities that bring an age to life. In the 70s, women like Bian-ca Jagger, Brigitte Bardot and Cher embodied everything the decade stood for.

Best of Austria

Vintage Hotspots in Austria

Who doesn't like indulging in cherished memories? Nostalgia makes happy. That's why we introduce you to the most beautiful retro excursion destinations in Austria.

Best of Austria

Craftsmanship meets Innovation

In an interview with technical team leaders Daniel Fuchs and Johannes Hartinger, we take a look behind the scenes of Högl HQ and show how 85 years of Austrian craftsmanship combined with innovative technologies are the secret to ensuring maximum wearability.

Best of Austria


Designed in Austria: For our 85th anniversary, we’re taking a look behind the scenes and talking design with Jörg Reichelt, our head of design, and his team. Jörg, Daniela and Juliane tell us about what inspires them and about the stories behind our shoes.

Best of Austria

Women on top

In fashion and in attitude, in working life and in sports, the 70s were an era of liberation – and liberated bodies! We’re bringing a hint of this free spirit to your shoe collection, with feminine retro sneakers inspired by women who revolutionised the world of sport.

Best of Austria

Creative delicacies from Schärding

The award-winning chef Lukas Kienbauer from Schärding gives an insight into his everyday life as a cook and restaurant operator.

Best of Austria

Community spirit in the time Coronavirus

Tips on how you can swap real-life getting together with friends, dinner dates, movie nights and fitness classes for the stay-at-home version, all the while doing your bit for your community.

Best of Austria

Topfenstriezel with marzipan and pistachio filling

Social media manager Maria is baking an Austrian Topfenstriezel with marzipan and pistachio filling - and no need for yeast.

Best of Austria

The Fagus Factory in Alfeld

For decades, Högl has sourced its shoe lasts from the world’s greatest manufacturer: the Fagus Factory in Alfeld.

Best of Austria

Högl meets Bauhaus

When artists and craftspeople share a vision, unique creations are born – and this goes for Högl too!