Tradition & Craftsmanship

“It has a unique magic to create products with your hands and let yourself be inspired by the current zeitgeist.“

Our Know-how

Crafted with love.

“Högl shoes are much more than just shoes. Our collections tell stories and make their wearer happy every day anew.“  #hogllove

With passion, commitment and the highest standards of workmanship and fit, we work daily on the perfection of our models – with love for detail that makes the shoe so special.

Driven by IDEAS.

Driven by IDEAS, we want to combine innovative design and zeitgeist in a future-oriented way with the self-evident demand for the use of environmentally friendly materials and resource-saving production methods. We continuously aim to optimise our manufacturing process with respect to the protection of our planet. Design and aesthetics conceived in new dimensions, with the highest standards of functionality and comfort, are oriented towards the consistent demands of younger generations, new life patterns, new value concepts and increasingly innovative materials. Currents that will change our future and ultimately our shoe collections.

Established in 1935.

Our Högl success story begins in 1935 with a small shoe craft business in the middle of the Upper Austrian Innviertel region. Around 90 years ago, Josef Högl founded his business with a lot of pioneering spirit and dedication. “Small but fine“ was the motto at the beginning of his career as a shoemaker. Since then, Högl has continuously evolved. Long-lived tradition, innovative craftsmanship and pure passion are the key ingredients of success that distinguish Högl to this day.

Contemporary Style in tune with nature and craftsmanship

As the world around us becomes smaller, other things are gaining in importance. We start refocussing on ourselves, our responsibilities and the impact of our actions. At Högl, we are taking this changing mood as an opportunity to enrichen shoe fashion with new contents. The mantra is “slow fashion”. For us, it is all about timeless designs that constantly reinvent the wow factor, and offer impressively long-lasting quality. These high standards can only be met by drawing on a long tradition of shoe manufacturing, by consistently moving forward and by collaborating with the best last makers in the world, all of which we do.

Our trademark

Premium Quality.

We attach great importance to high-quality workmanship and the longevity of our products. Högl shoes are made of carefully selected, premium-quality materials. Sophisticated quality controls, along with the continuous search for innovative, new materials, add to the value of our traditionally manufactured shoes. When buying a Högl shoe, you make a conscious decision for responsible and sustainable consumption.

“Högl has always evolved with the spirit of the time and yet retained its very own handwriting.“

Head of Design Jörg Reichelt

Look good. Feel good.

We develop shoes that underline the beauty and personality of the wearer and brighten up their everyday life. The modern, characteristic design is created in the imaginative minds of our design team. Combined with innovative technologies, it provides excellent wearing comfort that one can feel, but not see. A perfect fit, along with invisible function such as our Softline padded insoles and waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membranes, makes our shoes long-life companions with feel-good factor.

Made in Europe.

Our shoes are produced in the heart of Europe, and we are still working on the prototypes at our headquarters in Upper Austria. The short production chain creates transparency over every single step, from the source of the raw materials, through processing, to the finished product. Step by step, we are working on the development of new, eco-friendly materials and sustainable, resource-efficient manufacturing methods.

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Our Design Studio

85 years
Creativity & Passion.

„Högl shoes are much more than just shoes.

Our collections tell stories.“

Head of Design Jörg Reichelt

Our Production

85 years
Tradition & Craftsmanship.