Trendy Maxi Dresses

HÖGL at Paris fashion week

From grandma’s wardrobe to the catwalks of this world! Palina Pralina shows how to combine a maxi dress with our black sling backs.

A great highlight at the Paris Fashion Week: Palina Pralina in a maxi dress and HÖGL pumps.

Maxi dresses with patterns are currently the hype and therefore at the Paris Fashion Week they were an absolute must.



From grandma’s wardrobe to the catwalks of this world! Top designers have already picked up the mega trend last season, and you can also find beautiful maxi dresses at shops, which are known for fast fashion.

Shoes: HÖGL

The great thing about these dresses is their combinability. I am wearing a black handbag, the beige coat of my boyfriend, as well as noble shoes from HÖGL. The look is super trendy and I got so many compliments during Fashion Week on that style!

Yours, Palina Pralina
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她的生活中只有时尚和设计。Ina Assa是时尚品牌Mademoiselle Credo by Ina Assa的创意总监,她在日常生活中喜欢穿舒适而又奢华的鞋子。

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令人赏心悦目的各种粉色是今年的新潮流,就连来自you rock my life的Nina也成为粉色系的超级粉丝。

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