For every occasion

On set or at home, I’m always happy in a pair of Högl shoes!  

For actress Ilknur Boyraz, Högl’s versatile shoes help her look and feel great – whatever role she’s playing. 

I’ll admit it, I can be pretty demanding. As a film and stage actress, I love taking on roles that have real character to them – and in the same vein, I like my shoes to have true personality. So it goes without saying that these platform ankle boots are not the only pair of Högls in my wardrobe.

I first fell in love with Högl when I was looking for a pair of heels to wear on the red carpet at Berlin Fashion Week. I wanted something not only pretty and sexy, but also comfortable to wear. And I’ll never forget making my big entrance to a premiere in Istanbul in my Högl platform heels, where I danced all through the night.

Suffice to say, I’m thrilled that platforms are back on trend this season.  I love my new ankle boots so much, I even wear them around the house: here I am flicking through recipe books for something tasty to cook the family.
Högl Stiefelette mit Plateau
Högl Stiefeletten mit Plateau sind feminin und bequem zugleich.
I can’t get enough of the casual, quirky elegance of these boots. They make my feet look super chic while at the same time keeping them warm on colder days – and their practicality is extremely important to me.

As an actress, I need to be flexible and versatile, whether I’m on stage or on a film set. And like all modern women today, I’m constantly juggling multiple roles in order to keep up with family, work and social commitments. Högl shoes are true all-rounders: perfect for everyday, but also for special occasions, as they just go so well with all sorts of different styles.

Looking good and being practical at the same time – now that’s cool. I can even run races against my son in style... although whether I’m likely to win or not is another story! ;-)

But now I’m off to an important casting for my next exciting film role – wish me luck!

All the best, Ilknur

Högl Stiefelette in Glattleder mit Plateau
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