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Nude-coloured heels

Nude heels are always a stylish choice. For Verena from Whoismocca too, they are must-have wardrobe essentials

For me, the midi-skirt, striped shirt and denim jacket are absolute must-haves for spring. What else is key? Shoes, which don’t just look good, but also provide us with maximum comfort all day long. That's why I’m showing you a casual but elegant spring outfit today, which includes my nude heels by Högl!

Nude heels – wardrobe essentials par excellence!

Nude heels aren’t wardrobe essentials for nothing. These nude-coloured Högl shoes are just perfect for everyday, for the office, a dinner date, etc., and really bring out our feminine side. These leather shoes are as elegant as they are understated, and their 9cm heels set off beautiful long legs to perfection. And it’s not just down to the heels - the colour itself is also flattering and creates that longer-leg effect.

My tip: the more closely the nude of the shoes matches your own skin tone, the more harmonious the overall effect of your look will be. I wear my nude heels in the ‘natural’ shade. For lighter skin types, ‘ivory’ is recommended as a great choice.


Nude heels – wardrobe essentials par excellence!

That's why nude heels are always a perfect match!

If you’re unsure what colour of shoe to wear, never fear - any shade of nude will prove a stylish choice. For one thing, nude doesn’t look quite as severe as colours like black, and adds real balance to any look. And light shades of beige also match with bright colours just as well as they do with denim and pastels. You’ll see: you’re onto a winner with nude-coloured heels, whatever the occasion.

Last but not least, I’ve got three all-rounder outfit tips for you:

1. For the office, combine natural nude heels with a tight pencil skirt and a tie-neck blouse with a discreet print. A smart, long blazer will complete the look perfectly.
2. For everyday wear, anything goes. Nude heels go particularly well with a mid-length wrap dress. They also create a great casual look with skinny jeans and a leather jacket, and magically lengthen your legs when combined with a maxi dress.
3. For cocktails with the nearest and dearest, beige heels can be styled with an A-line mini-skirt. A casual print shirt and a denim jacket keep the look grounded and add a touch of cool.

So, I wish you happy shopping and great fun with your styling!

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