An elegant wallet is a luxurious statement piece and a must-have for every woman. Well-considered designs will never cease to impress.


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Women’s leather wallets are luxurious statement pieces

Women don’t always give the purse the attention it deserves: it’s a statement piece that gets used countless times a day. Made from high-quality leather and featuring an elegant design, the women’s purse has now evolved into a luxurious accessory. A clear compartment layout makes it easier to use. Among the bestsellers are leather purses that have enough space for credit cards, bank notes, documents and coins. A zip or magnetic closure ensures that the contents are kept secure, while still being within easy reach. An elegant purse doesn’t necessarily have to be hidden away in your handbag: if you need to get to it quickly, you can carry it in your hand like a clutch bag. Women’s purses with a small wrist strap are also ideal for carrying on their own.

Sustainable women’s leather wallets by Högl

A company steeped in tradition, Högl combines Austrian craftsmanship with innovation and sustainability. High-quality Cervocalf leather and Premiumcalf are used to make its wallets. This is mainly sourced from certified leather suppliers with resource-friendly production processes, and no potentially hazardous substances. Högl’s leather purses come in various shapes and sizes, making them both practical and exclusive; there are designs featuring zips, drawstrings and magnetic closures to choose from. Compact, modern, simple and harmonious are all words that can be used to describe these purses’ timeless designs. Skilled craftsmanship is highlighted in the woven design on women’s wallets this season.

A harmonious duo: leather purse and leather bag

Stylish women don’t leave anything to chance: they buy a matching handbag at the same time as their new leather wallet. This harmonious duo will always make a good impression. Högl customers have the benefit of collections covering all the bases: as well as matching leather wallets in various sizes to go with a bag, they also feature belts, shoes and scarves in the identical design.