Feel Good Diaries

In our Feel Good Diaries, interesting women are giving an insight into their daily life, accompanied by HÖGL.

A journey of discovery around Vienna

Join fashionista Sonja and HÖGL on a tour of central Vienna’s most beautiful places.

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Begleiten Sie die Fashionista Sonja und HÖGL zu den schönsten Plätzen in der Wiener Innenstadt.



We just love beautiful things.

Adrien Szekeres certainly knows what she wants. The Hungarian singer and her manager share a passion for beautiful shoes.

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Perfect companions

Women around the world chose Högl. Alis Maric, a 50+ blogger, explains why Högl shoes are the best companions for every occasion.

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Red carpet style

Model and young entrepreneur Liza Kohl is a welcome guest at all sorts of different events –  and she would never be without her Högl heels.

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It’s time for the Berlin Film Festival!

Find out why Alexandra Polzin has been a fan of Högl for years...

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Always on the move

A Viennese fashionista gives us an insight into her multifaceted life.

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Shiny metallics

After a long search for her favourite shoes, singer Adrien Szekeres finally found them at Högl.

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Sure-footed in the snow

It may be snowing outside, but EBBII’s preparations for her new collection are in full swing.

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Let’s Boggie

Before Boggie turns her attention to the joys of motherhood, she dons her HÖGLs once again to belt out her songs. 

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And breathe...

When you’re always there to help others, don’t forget to think about yourself, too.

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Girl Power! 

When you’re as multifaceted as Annette Möller, you need strong partners by your side.

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Suited and booted!

GORE-TEX ® and HÖGL will get you through the cold winter months.

A shoe you can wear all day long

Frequent travellers need a loyal companion.



Not without my pumps

The Hungarian superstar comes out as a HÖGL fan.

EBBII  – a young talent goes her own way... in HÖGL.

The day-to-day work of a fashion designer includes a diverse range of tasks and is driven by great passion and creativity.


Ready for take off?

Always polite, always upbeat – that’s a flight attendant’s daily reality. And our black classic heels love to be on board.

Ready for take off!

An outfit for all occasions

As a TV presenter and fashion designer, Annett Möller knows that high-quality fashionable shoes are an asset.

First impressions count

Martina Berg knows: there's only one first impression. Impress with Högl.

Tips from Martina Berg