Feel Good Diary 7

Ready, steady, weekend! When the leaves start to change colour and the days grow shorter, I get a real urge to be at one with nature. Being wrapped up warm yet stylishly dressed is vital for me as a style expert and fashion blogger. I mostly find my work-life balance at the weekend. I either get out into the city’s parks or head to one of the beautiful lakes around Munich.
Whether I’m going for a casual look or a stylish business outfit, my shoes are always the perfect final touch, so they have to be versatile.
I feel totally comfortable wearing HÖGL boots as a style expert. My outfit has to match the weather, temperature and season. Boots that are waterproof, breathable and sporty in one don’t just keep my feet warm, they add to my outfit.
I deliberately tuck my trousers into my boots. The shaft of the boot is flexible and comfortable, as it is made of two types of material. If I’m wearing a skirt, a comfortable 1-inch heel is a safer option for walking around in the autumn or winter months.
HÖGL boots are an absolute must-have for my look: feminine while effortlessly reflecting a casual style. With my HÖGL boots, I'm ready to step into the new season in style.

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