Lisa Kohl

To keep up with my daily life as both a model and a young entrepreneur at a social media marketing agency, my shoes need to be both elegant and comfortable. And I’ve certainly hit the jackpot with Högl. These shoes are almost as comfortable as trainers, despite their heel height.

Pumps: Högl

As a networker, I’m invited to all sorts of events. I’m here, there and everywhere. And as a model I always need to be on trend and perfectly styled, especially when the cameras are flashing. At the beginning of the year, I walked the red carpet in Cologne. I chose to wear these elegant, pointed-toe Högl classics to go with my black feathered dress and sparkling Swarovski necklace. I just love these shoes! I danced all through the night until 5am, and I couldn't have done it without them. These heels are just amazing!

Liza Kohl

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